Is it really possible to raise a biracial child to be colorblind? Well, Eve thinks so.

In a recent interview with Vibe Vixen, the rap songstress said she plans to raise her future children with her British boyfriend Maximillion Cooper to not see color.

“I think they can be colorblind. I don’t want them to see color. I never did. I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people,” she said. “I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races. And hopefully they will.”

Although she wants her future kiddies to be “colorblind,” the 34-year-old went on to say that she plans to teach them to embrace their racial identity.

“I want them to be colorblind, but I do want them to understand both sides of themselves. I’m a black woman and I love being a black woman. And I think my child should know that black part of themselves. But obviously at the same time, their father would be white and I would want them to know that side of themselves,” she said.

The self-proclaimed “pit bull in a skirt” is currently on the road promoting her upcoming album, Lip Lock, which is due in stores on May 14th.

Let us know if you think it’s possible to raise a child to not see race in 2013, then check out 10 other celebrities couple who are raising biracial children below.

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