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John Strother  was intoxicated when he stumbled into a Harlem church Sunday evening as a gospel choir  performed. After hugging two members on stage, he was physically tossed out, struck his head on the pavement and is now fighting for his life in an intensive care unit, according to the New York Daily News.

The 42-year-old man visited The Tabernacle of Deliverance For All People as a gospel concert was taking place. Strother managed to get up on the stage and hugged the soloist. Church members thought Strother had just been filled with the Holy Ghost, which explained why he was being so demonstrative.

The man then hugged a missionary. But when he tried embracing the soloist again, the church’s pastor, Rev. Joseph Bright, then noticed that the hugs were being given by a man who appeared to be intoxicated. The 79-year-old pastor, who described the incident as “unseemly,” told the New York Daily News, “It was out of order — but not unheard of. We thought he was getting the  spirit.”

A deacon and two other congregants escorted Strother out of the church. “I don’t mean any harm,” were the words Strother reportedly uttered as he was ousted from the church, according to Deacon James Patterson. “I know, but you can’t come around hugging people!” Patterson claims he sternly told the man.

After Strother allegedly spewed “I know where I am; I’m in God’s house; f**k you and f**k you,” a scuffle ensued. Strother was shoved out of the church’s doors by a congregant, according to Patterson. Police records indicate that Strother was punched. When he was physically struck, Strother hit the pavement, head first, which caused him to fall into a state of unconsciousness.

Strother was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in intensive care. He is reportedly unconscious and battling to stay alive. His most recent address on record is a mental health facility in Cleveland. Strother has a lengthy rap sheet backing to the late eighties, including convictions of robbery, kidnpapping and felonious assault.

The question remains, was it “Christian-like” to exercise such bully tactics on a man who was visiting the house of God?

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18 thoughts on “Drunk Man Gets Tossed Out Of Harlem Church, Fights For His Life In ICU

  1. Marcia on said:

    May God help us, talking to the true Elect to discern right from wrong and to choose to examine ourselves in order to behave! What would God do in this case?

  2. Ms. Leslie on said:

    This church showed no Godly spirit or compassion. This man may have been looking for deliverance. I understand that there have been violent incidents, including murders, committed in churches. However, those incidents are rare considering the fact that parishoners are attending churches weekly, and in many cases, atleast bi-weekly. Hugging complete strangers in church is not uncommon. Many churches, including the Apostolic, Church of God, Church of God In Christ, Episcopol, Baptist, etc. use hugging as a form of greeting toward the beginning of service. I hope this church finds God for real and quit playing church. This could’ve been handled completely different.

  3. This happen at my church, the young man was removed and a the men prayed for outside he church ina circle as he cussed everyone.

  4. treja on said:

    This was handled extremely wrong – he should have been taken in the back given solme coffee or something – they could have stayed by him as he sobered offered help or something but how this was handled was awful, wrong and uncalled for especially since he was not showing any violence himself

  5. God don’t like ugly. Now who gets charge for this ? Remember they said some one punch him in the face ! Ant that’s ansuilts ?

  6. derek lamon on said:

    This is not a good look for this church Wow nobody smelled the alcohol and knew it was not the Spirit of God geesh!

  7. Wow. Why not just physically carry him out and call the police? Surely after seeing he had no weapon, enough people could have assisted in getting him out. But, these are dangerous times and there are dangerous people all around us. Even in church.

  8. da Creature on said:

    He was drunk, NOT violent, just drunk. I hope he survives and sue s**t out of the entire church. What the pastor and congregant should have done is invite the man in. See if he needs some help, offer him some food, clothing, anything that would have calmed him down. If all else failed, politely escort him out the church and call the police.

    The so-called house of god…is a fraud.

  9. Denise on said:

    This is dangerous times and I would have been afraid. But I would not have hit him because he cursed. No it was not what “God would do”!

  10. Tami on said:

    Think about all of the times someone has been attacked or shot in a church. Just because it is a church doesn’t mean that the members have to be subjected to physical harm. You see he has a record and a mental illness that required hospitalization. They could have been hurt. Hopefully, they are praying for his recovery and help.

    • No excuse for there behavior, all they had to do is call the police if they felt threaten, not take matters into there own hands. So they weren’t that afraid of him.

      • Unfortunately, we now live in a world where people are sick & twisted. This man was clearly intoxicated and out of order. There are a few ways that this could’ve been handled, and punching/hitting the man was unneccessary (if cursing was all he did). They were not wrong for removing him from the church, because there was a performance going on and he was being disruptive and he very well might’ve become combative. The congregants must be protected, however, it is the church’s obligation to attempt to minister to this man. If in fact that could not be done successfully, then perhaps the authorities should’ve been called !

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