Who killed Kendrick Johnson? Nobody knows. Or at least nobody is talking. And police investigators are no closer to solving Johnson’s death today.

Johnson, a popular high school football player, was found dead on January 11. Johnson’s family deserves answers – and right now. It’s unconscionable that after three months, police have no suspects, have made no arrests, and can’t close this case.

And why not? Why is this case so complicated? And why has it taken three months to conduct an additional autopsy?

There is enough blame to go around, and meanwhile, bumbling investigators are making a complete mess of this case. And with every day that goes by without answers, the trail for clues gets colder and colder.

It’s an utter disgrace, unprofessional and the sloppiest investigative work I’ve seen in years. Maybe investigators don’t care. Or are they covering up a crime?

Police said there were no signs of foul play. But Johnson’s family said Kendrick was murdered.

“He was last seen third block going to fourth block, he was seen no more,” Kenneth Johnson, Kendrick’s father, told a local radio station. “Then again, I want to express how did my son go missing during school hours in broad daylight? We know our son was murdered while he was at Lowndes High School. We do know that.”

Johnson, a sophomore at Lowndes High School, was found dead in a rolled-up wrestling mat at his high school gym and the circumstances surrounding his death are sketchy. Although Johnson’s death was ruled accidental by authorities, his family wants law enforcement officials to start a criminal investigation. The family is suspicious of how Johnson died – and for good reason.

Johnson was found with bruises to his face and body, so clearly Johnson had been beaten. Authorities have not explained the bruises.

Meanwhile, the Lowndes High School administration refuses to release video of Johnson’s last moments at the school. CNN reports that no students, teachers or administrators noticed that Johnson was missing from his classes until his father worried that he did not return home after school.

And it gets worse: the Georgia county coroner, Bill Watson, admitted that the county’s sheriff’s department did not notify him about Johnson’s death on January 11. It is unclear how long it took for the sheriff’s department to notify Watson, or if any evidence was removed or tampered with.

So this case has inept police, a shady coroner, and a suspect sheriff’s department. No wonder Johnson’s family is outraged and confused. They don’t know who to trust – and that’s a shame.

But here’s what I believe: Somebody knows something. And somebody saw something. Lowndes High School is a small school in Valdosta, Georgia. People know people in small towns and folks talk.

“How can you go on when you have a beloved child who wakes up everybody in the house and makes a laugh out of everything? How can you go on? It’s hard,” Johnson said.

Seven of Johnson’s family members were arrested recently for protesting the lack of expediency in the investigation and they are hoping to put more pressure on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to jump-start the case.

This is a horrible investigation of a horrible crime. Since it’s clear that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is either unwilling or unable to close this case, then the FBI should be brought in to investigate the investigators and get to the bottom of why, after three months, Kendrick Johnson’s parents have no idea why their son is dead.

That should be a crime, too.

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18 thoughts on “Who Killed Kendrick Johnson?

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  2. News Trailer on said:

    “Kendrick Johnson’s Death: Freak Accident or MURDER,” a must hear podcast. The parents of Kendrick Johnson along with their attorney recently did a two hour interview on internet radio show Center Stage. They revealed things about KJ’s death that had not been released to the media before now. The show covered what the crime scene really looked like, how KJ’s body was left in a warm drawer in a Valdosta County owned building for almost 3 days before being sent to Macon, GA for an autopsy, how the family was NOT allowed to see KJ’s remains for two day, how the Sheriff declared this a freak accident in 24 hours before interviewing all 3000 students and the staff who were all potential witnesses to KJ’s murder, how the family and their attorney has been denied full access to video footage from the school’s camera for the day KJ went missing, and so much more. Attached is a link to that show…


    • If this young man was blonde haired and blue eyed ,, they would have 280 agents on this case,
      they do not want to do the work it takes to find out what happen to this young man,,

      See this system is only created for certain people, and Our FBI agents and police departments
      do not care what happens to our young black children. and keeping his parents out of the picture,
      is just totally Ridiculous ,,, THIS IS JUST A SHAME,,, and we wanna know who has done this dread-ful deed. GOD BLESS HIS family… stay strong because what is done in the dark will come to the light

    • IT just amazes me how a young student is killed on school property and no knows how he got that way, this family needs to get a lawyer and start a petition and start suing this school. file a wrongful death lawsuit and then they would proberly start finding out what happen. THe need to light a fire under their Ass,

  3. John on said:

    Clearly this article is not fact based. You continue to allude to a murder and a crime, yet there is no evidence to support this. His face was swollen and bruised because he was UPSIDE DOWN. Blood rushed to his head causing it to swell and rigor mortis set in. What is so hard to comprehend about that. All this is is foolish speculation by uneducated people who think that everyone is out to get them

  4. berber on said:

    This article is full of half truths, lies, and just plain biased attitude. Why would somebody murder this kid? He was well-liked, and if he was murdered, high school students would know who did it. Some people just don’t want to accept the fact that he dropped something in the rolled up wrestling mat, which was standing on in, tried to retrieve it, and got stuck. That’s why his face was swollen, because he was upside down. No more, no less.

  5. SooperFlye on said:

    You know what’s so WRONG about cases like these is the lack of a thorough investigation. Very similar to the Treyvon Martin case, cops just took the word of murderer Zimmerman without a thorough investigation. Laziness & Incompetence.

  6. Toni Seawright on said:

    I don’t understand why there is NO reports of authorities and/or investigators having watched surveillance tapes from the school of the area where Kendrick was murdered. If there are videotapes of that area on that day during the time he disappeared; One might even see who might have gone in a certain room after him..who might have come out of that area during the time that he disappeared. It’s a mystery …BUT…Until they figure that out, this may forever remain a mystery. Did he have any enemies? Was someone angry!? Does anyone know if he had a beef with someone at the school? Out of the school? Was any females involved?? Any so-called friends and/or acquaintances who KNOW of what might have been going on with him prior to the days of his murder? Did he see something that he may have been getting ready to report? Did his parents know something and/or do something that might have angered someone and they retaliated by getting the son? Do we know who might have had a beef with the family, if any? Could it have been gang related?? Could it have been a racial slaying? What DO we KNOW about this murder!? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

    • Lowndes High did have video surveillance of him going into the gym,but the some how the video cameras inside of the gym stopped working . Go figure

      • joey on said:

        I believe that the police knows, who did this, I just think they can kill our young black, children shot them down like dogs in the street, and leave there bodies anywhere they want,, the Police are not interested in helping this family find out who kill this young man, and why did they want him, DEAD! what is going on in our communities where we are so comfortable with our children lying around and nobody,is trying to help there neighbors, Just plain don’t give a Rats-ass, come-on pick up your signs and get to moving. just like travon martin, and all the other black teenagers who have been Murdered in Chicago and detroit. Stop being lazy and get up off your butts and help this family just like you helped travon’s family… bottom line they all belong to us.

  7. writingmomma on said:

    Something shady, stinky and fishy is going on in a lot of schools lately. I am from Iowa and just watched as they tried to sweep an assault by a white student under the rug on Friday. Any black student that assaults another student are escorted out in handcuffs. Well, this student was allowed to leave the school, no police were called and the principle refused to call the ambulance for the injured “black” student. This was an unprovoked assault, witnessed by many students before class.

  8. I pray that this family is somehow able to find peace. I sincerely hope that they find out what happened to their precious son and all who are involved in his murder and the cover up are brought to justice.

  9. On what is your assertion, “Lowndes High School is a small school in Valdosta, Georgia. People know people in small towns and folks talk.” based?

    The student population at LHS is about 2,700 students, which is as big as a small town. It is the 12th largest high school in Georgia. Valdosta is the 10th largest city in Georgia with over 90,000 residents in the city and county combined.

  10. sounds like some shady stuff going on in Georgia, HUH!,,they need to call Chris Hansen, or call in The FBI to see if there has been some foul Play,, Pay attention to your Police Department, and how things are ran. Our police departments, are killers as well as anybody else. ITs just they can get away with it faster and it takes longer. to catch them.

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