WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is commending NBA veteran Jason Collins for becoming the first active male player in the four major American professional sports to come out as gay.

White House spokesman Jay Carney called that decision courageous and says the White House supports Collins. He says he hopes the 34-year-old center’s team will also offer support.

Carney says the White House views Collins’ decision as another example of progress and evolution in the U.S. as Americans grow more accepting of gay rights and same-sex marriage. Last year, during his re-election campaign, Obama announced his support for gay marriage.

Collins disclosed he was gay Monday in a first-person account posted on Sports Illustrated’s website. He has played for six teams in 12 seasons, including this past season with the Washington Wizards.

4 thoughts on “White House Commends Jason Collins on Coming Out

  1. Michael Cody on said:

    The only thing that’s sad is your ignorance. It must be a sad life to be so paranoid all the time with your grand delusions. Last time I checked we are in THE LAND OF THE FREE. We all have the right to live and love whoever we damn well please. I’m sooooo glad my generation (Millennial) is finally breaking this ugly cycle.

  2. It has now come to this…..the White House is sanctioning perversion. Good grief and leaping lizards! What are they inhaling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Dust and residue of cobwebs left over from the moment the place was rebuilt after the British burned it in 1812? And about Jason Collins when he made his debut with the revelation, was Diana Ross’s ” I’m Coming Out” playing in the background?

  3. Not surprising… Obama is on a mission to prevent a black populous… either by abortion or by promoting homosexuality. What are the statistics of a black woman getting married? They are already pretty slim… Obama is sytematically destroying the black family… none of the policies he promotes does anything to strengthen the black family or strengthen black men… sad.

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