The Oakland Unified School District is getting some unwanted attention after a video surfaced of a fight between a 7th grade female student and a male substitute teacher at the Alliance Academy, a middle school known for its horrible reputation, reports CBS affiliate KPIX5.

With 360 students, and an extraordinarily high teacher turnover rate, 5 students have been expelled from Alliance this school year and several of the teachers aren’t planning to come back next year.

So far this school year, police have visited the campus 13 times, but the fight between the female 7th grader and male substitute teacher, caught on a cellphone camera before Winter break, has gotten national attention.

“They destroyed the whole classroom. They broke the desk. They threw the computers on the floor,” said Jose Barajas, an eighth grader. Barajas told KPIX5 that he had to hide “under a desk, when other students tossed desks and other items across the room.”

Teachers at Alliance said that they become burnt out quickly at the school and Barajas claims that teachers are disrespected by some students because they’re “new.”

So where does that leave the future of the school?

“You get in a cycle where you’re constantly placing new teachers, those teachers leave after a couple of years,” said district spokesperson Troy Flint. “And it creates a lack of stability at the school. And I think that is something that undermines academic progress to a certain extent.”

Read more at CBS San Francisco.

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13 thoughts on “7th Grade Girl Beats Up Male Substitute Teacher [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

  1. to kay zill This is typical for this race! You just shut the f**k up. What is the typical for your race? Liars, thieves, child molesters, bigoted, think you are more than you are, wet dog smellers (is that why you love dogs so much?), two-faced, immoral, ——- I could just go on and on. Now how does that sound to you?

  2. kay zill on said:

    Typical blacks dont know how to behave.. Its really sad there are so many videos like this all over the web..I’m really starting to believe this is the “norm” for this race.. Although this may not be true, its certainly happening a lot. If you dont want to be educated then dont go to school…sad sad sad.. This girl will never contribute to society in a positive way

  3. Wildflower on said:

    She should have beat him like an overseer. More blacks need to stop taking this bullshit and start whipping some ass. You see they aren’t afraid to inflict violence on blacks. Will shoot your black ass as quick as they can look at you and don’t need a reason. MLK.Jr was a great man but that is why we have to speak to him in the past tense because of those animals. Black people stop killing one another and start protecting one another.

  4. keebee51 on said:

    Negros kids and adults are just tired of white people always trying to teach and control us. She was leaving and he was wrong for hitting her first. I’m glad he didn’t have a gun we know what would have happened. Stand your ground negro kids if you feel you are being done wrong by them.

  5. Sexy Leroy on said:

    smh….another wild beast on the loose…if that man and choke slammed her ass Jesse and Al would be up in arms…SHE was outta line!!!!

  6. If I had been the teacher she would be looking for her teeth and I would be looking for a new job. I have raised 6 daughters and wish one of mine had done something like this they would have felt my anger in more ways than one can imagine.

    • Oh you wouldn’t be looking for another job. Your ass would be locked up in jail. When you teach at a school like this you should be expected to be able to hold your temper and not try to instigate. These kids are already there because of their behavior. Mistake number one was he should not have hit a female to start with. Then after he hit her she showed him that she was not going to let him get away with it – so she went way down to gather the strength to whip his ass. Mistake number two was after he hit her – he then lost control of the situation thereby – left looking like a Sad Sack.

  7. “stay away from me” ha-ha hilarious. On a more serious note the teacher should have just called in security instead of getting in an unwanted confrontation with her. Kids are so disrespectful these days and stirring up a confrontation with them would result in more harm than good as this is inevitable. I know, cause I am a kid myself, not that I am disrespectful, but if an adult indulges in a confrontation with me like the teacher did, I would react in a negative way but not as crazy as the girl did. She stepped way over line and clearly has some anger issues that must me looked into…….

    • thurston on said:

      looks more like scandalous teacher had an agenda slipped outside the door out of camera view did something to student came back in did a karate kick to her stomach to play on her anger ,beat up a teacher is a stretch.

      • You can’t say that he had an agenda.

        First it was recorded on a cellphone which was not particularly expected by either party. If there were cameras in the classroom then that comment would have a little more weight.

        She was clearly overly aggressive, violent and dangerous to everyone around her. There is no excuse for her behavior.

  8. “And I think that is something that undermines academic progress to a certain extent.”

    No, what is undermining academic progress is the lack of respect for authority the students are sent to school with, the lack of funds that government is willing to pour into the school system, and the lack of support teachers receive from administration.

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