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Recently, Paris Jackson has been getting close with her birth mom Debbie Rowe, despite her grandmother Katherine Jackson‘s wishes.

Rowe has visited Paris on several occasions and even attended the teenager’s school recital, spotted on camera bringing her a bouquet of yellow flowers.

Now, according to the National Enquirer, Paris wants to move in with Rowe, because she wants to build a relationship with her and learn about her other family.

Reportedly, Paris’ grandmother is furious over this and is upset that Paris wants to disobey her father’s wishes.

Michael Jackson reportedly stated in his will that he only wanted his three children to live with his mother or Diana Ross, not Debbie Rowe.

Rowe also promised to stay out of Paris and Prince’s lives when she handed over all parental rights to Michael when the now-teenagers were toddlers.

The Jackson family has not confirmed this story.

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