Dear Tom:

I am a parent of a player of the Whites Creek Cobras baseball team.    I am writing today asking for a Christmas Wish for these boys.   I feel they have gotten the short end of the stick.  The team is not funded by the school and parents have to come out of pocket for everything.   My son is a late addition to the team, so being “the last parent to know” that the school is not behind the baseball team makes me furious.

Tom, the Cobra’s need up-to-date bats, gloves and helmets; right now, they swing the bat and hand it off with a helmet or mitt to the next in line, because they don’t have enough to go around.   The parents and the team’s coach have paid for the umps and transportation themselves, however; we can’t come up with the money for new equipment.  It’s sad because the boys play with heart every game!

The baseball team hasn’t been the “winning” team for the past few years, but i believe they can turn it around with a Christmas Wish of better sports equipment and the confidence they would gain from feeling like winners.

Thanks for your time,

Lydia Adams

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