After being taken to task by Tom Joyner on his blog and making headlines nationwide for his comments about fat people, Tyrese apologized via his Twitter account. This morning on the  “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Tyrese apologized again, saying his comments were not specifically directed at Black women.

“I want to go on the record and say this. I wrote a book called “How to Get Out Of Your Own Way” and it had a chapter “Your Body Is a Slave Of Your Mind.” And I was talking about me putting on 265 pound and me getting out of the shower with the mirror steamed up and me being ashamed of myself. Me, kind of falling apart and going through whatever I was going through and losing touch with my focus. If you go back to the movie ‘Waist Deep,” I was 255 in that movie. It wasn’t directed at women it was directed at anyone who finds themselves uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to their health. We got 20 million something people dying of obesity.”

“It was a poor choice of words in that particular article but for me, I did a book and I talked about this topic and it was an uncomfortable read but I also exposed myself and talked about how my career was literally falling apart in front of me and I got lazy in terms of my health. It was a bad choice of words. For those people that I rubbed the wrong way from my poor choice of wording, here’s my public apology. I was really putting myself out there, exposing my own truths. If I’m being insensitive, I’ m actually talking about my mama, my sisters and everyone else. That wasn’t the goal of the interview. The goal was to motivate and inspire. It was a bad choice of words, period.”

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34 thoughts on “Tyrese Apologizes (Again) For Fat Comments

  1. Mr.Tyrese Gibson you have too always be on your Ps..inQs…in too say that about a woman don’t do it ever one on this earth didn’t make there self…..there are Fat/big/large/ex-large/2-ex/3-ex/4-ex/5-ex/all sizes…don’t make that person a BAD PERSON….The BEAUTIFUL Women with the pretty smile/body could be……I will let you fill it in….Oh your need too STOP trying so hard too please the world because at the end of the day….they don’t give a happy….you’re a great DAD you’re there when she needs a DAD/friend/too talk/hug/kiss….always let her know that….make a vedeo for her to have…I could go on for days talking but I’m not….I’m in a 22 now was 34 I’ve came a long ways I’m smiling…Thank You for just talking about us Oversize women.. I know you CARE….STOP trying too be something you’re not with the WORLD about you’ll Beautiful Daughter she don’t need too see when she grow up all the Bad News between her….Dad/Mom take care….

  2. Carolyn Snell on said:

    People are to wrapped in their feelings. He is human if he made a bad choice of word he is intitle to it! I will always and forever be a fan through his flaws and all!!! God bless you Tyrese keep your head up the devil is always busy! But your always loved!!

  3. MsDivine on said:

    I’ve never cared for Tyrese because his insensitive remarks and comments. This is not the first time he has made ridiculous comments and it will not be the last. He is a very arrogant egotistical individual that has not a clue how fortunate he is and i hope he understands that you can lose weight but you sure can’t lose UGLY!

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  5. Kerri D. Brown on said:

    Loved Tyrese but after reading his comments, his apology means nothing because he said what he meant and he meant what he said!! No longer a fan!!

  6. I have seen some big fat over-weight white women who are married to black men,, and they are sloppy and over-weight, I live in las Vegas, now Black women are beautiful when they are over-weight we can get away with it, in some ways. but its just about taking care of yourself and getting rest and eating right. Hormones plays a big part in gaining weight. they are many reasons why we gain weight, but coming from a man who wrote a book, about GETTING OUT OF HIS OWN WAY!, should not be talking about weight REALLY! are you serious. and the black men out here are very Dis-respectful towards black women, its just a different kind of culture out here. its a melting pot.
    but not all black men are dissing us SISTAHS, some of them are very respectful ,, but we as black women are beautiful to our black men,, they like a little meat on us.. TRUST ME..Don’t get it twisted
    so I will not take what he said personally. He is still growing up!. and learning about him-self. GOD BLESS YALL and Tyrese Stay Black!…

  7. Being willing to forgive will help those offended by his comments. Even celebrities are entitled to be brutally frank and should be entitled to our forgiveness, whether we perceive it as sincere or not. Forgiveness is for us, not them.

    • BJC. Tyrese only apologized for his choice of words, not the sentiment. So, actually there is nothing to forgive. He didn’t ask for forgiveness because he meant what he said. I get it. I just won’t spend any of my hard earned money on his projects anymore. Kinda like I won’t ever bother to watch a Clint Eastwood movie ever again. He doesn’t like me or my kind, I don’t like him or his kind. That’s part of the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for… The right to choose…

  8. He apologized to a group of people for saying something when he wasn’t speaking to a particular group in the first place. You can stop CRYING now. You would think the man cursed Jesus. If you don’t feel like you are fat and nasty, why would you be so offended? I’m tired of people apologizing. Apologies don’t mean much because we DEMAND them for EVERYTHING.

    • I could care less about the apology because it wasn’t heart felt anyway. Truth is, I take offense to his generalization that fat = nasty. Let’s face it, there are lots of skinny people who are absolutely filthy people. They keep filthy homes, cars, personal spaces, etc., etc., etc. So no crying here. He just lost my consumer dollars and fat or skinny, MONEY TALKS…

  9. Spook on said:

    Alotta fat is nasty. Thats a fact…. and just because someone states their opinion, some of yall wanna quit supporting him? Everyone dont think fat is a good thing. Get over that shit…

    • Tyrese has a right to his opinion and the right to state it. I just think that if your career depends on people buying what you are selling, you need to think. No one said he has to date, love, marry an overweight (fat) woman but to make the comment then realize after the fact that it could hurt his career, then try to fix it by saying that his choice of words were wrong, doesn’t fix a damn thing. The damage is already done. Funny thing about freedom. He has the right to say what he wants and his former fans have the right to buy or NEVER IN HELL AGAIN buy what he is selling. That’s how FREEDOM works. BOTH WAYS…

      • RL, Yes I am. Not that it matters because, what I am NOT is “nasty or stupid”. Believe it or not the words “fat” and “nasty” are NOT synonymous. (i.e., Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings. Thought I’d better explain.) If Tyrese was a bit wiser, he would know that. Like I said, he has a right to his own opinion and I have a right to mine. Fat or slim, my thoughts, feelings and ideas still have merit. Lucky for me and the rest of the “fat” people in the world, Tyrese doesn’t have the last word since he IS NOT the creator. Like I said MONEY TALKS… He’ll see…

    • I am neither fat or nasty. I am 5 ft. 4in tall and wear a size 10. I have weighed more in my life, but this is where I am now. I am also a person who believes if you can’t say something helpful, then don’t say anything at all. It was also the people who championed me on that helped me. To all the people who say the only person who doesn’t like this is a fat and nasty person, I say you can be nasty on the inside and that is what you are. I quit supporting Tyrese and anyone involved with him a year ago. Oh, and yes, I can quit supporting you if I don’t like your beliefs or ugly ways. Step lightly less you deal with the consequences. All these people who don’t like what he said has just as much right to voice that as you to voice the fact that you too are a black woman hater or just black person. I am not saying you are not black so don’t get your panties in a bunch. Back to Tyrese, I just wish we knew earlier, because it was those same sistas watching Baby Boy which was his rocket. The bottom line is now that we know who he is, we know he is the typical black man who thinks he has emulated the white man by sleeping with his women. Oh, and giving back every penny they got from them, thus just cancelling all those who died for that right, right out of history. I wish black men would emulated White man’s formula for success, one being that he would never degrade his woman, though he chose black women and loved them for years. He knew to turn his back on the white woman and children would lessen his hold on society. I will bet that derrick can’t even comprehend what I am saying. In a perfect world none of this would matter, this is not a perfect world. At any rate, Tyrese lost a fan in me and any monies I had to give him. Of course, some asshole is going to say who cares. Tyrese watch your step there are those like me being born every day.

  10. boo wop on said:

    i was always told if you are trying to get someone to change their ways….you don’t use terms to make them feel worse about their situation…….This guy call people fat and nasty is just him being an arrogant pompus a$$……..Now he realize that he’s getting heat from his fans and in fear of losing tons of money… he’s trying to clean up what he said…….Who goes on a cruise and call people fat and nasty……Who does that? And think this guy is so confident that he can call you anything and you will still run out and purchase his books and music……This guy is a legend in his own mind…….boycott this fool…….LMFAO

  11. He meant what he said. His sentiments were clearly expressed. Mine will be too when I (and many others) never purchase anything he is associated with again. I recommend Tank and Ginuwine go back and pick up their solo careers if possible and let the “T” in TGT alone. Same goes for you Rev. Run…

  12. derrickb on said:

    He just stated a fact. And even if he was referring to Black women why are y’all so upset. The truth is Black women have the highest obesity rates in this country. Being over-weight is a direct reflection of personal life style choices for most people. You choose to excersise or not. You choose to eat fast food or foods high in fats. You choose to eat larger portions than neccessary. You choose be sedintary because you are lazy and don’t like discomfort. Obesity is a health problem with just as many negative health consequences as drug addiction or alcohilism etc. Black women its time for y’all to stop making excuses and being mad at these men for being with other races of women and get yourselves together. Get in the gym leave the fried greasy foods alone, drop the materialistic, superficial values and become truly progressive which will accentuate your natural beauty.

  13. All you women getting upset, it’s becaseu you are more than likely fat and nasty…..put the twinky down, get off ur lazy a$$ and go on a diet

  14. GEEGEE on said:

    Tyrese would not be apologizing if Tom had not said anything. Tyrese seems to have forgotten where he came from. Tyrese, I, as a black woman am done with you. You are an idiot.

  15. But with the majority of Americans being over weight and obesity on the raise especially in children
    maybe this opens the door for some positive conversation. After all this is a health issue

  16. Tyrese is so full of it. He meant Black Women and he is finding out we are needed. That apology was just a “Damn I shouldn’t have said it,I believe it, but I shouldn’t have said it.” I will just date and share my wealth with white woman. I will make sure the woman and all of her surroundings are good. And I mean a white woman only.

  17. Tyrese remeber we can make you and we can break you, if it was not for Big Women are Black Women you would not be who you are. So watch what you say .

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