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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

 Porsha Stewart said she was in total shock when she found out her husband Kordell wanted a divorce.  As a matter of fact poor Porsha says that she found out her that her marriage was over on Twitter.  How low was that?  CKrdell Stewart, what kind of man are you?  A real man doesn’t let his wife find out he’s leaving her through a tweet.  A real man has the guts, and the courage, and the balls to send her a text message.

A 51 year old black woman in Chicago has been arrested almost 400 times.  Between 1978 and now Charmain Miles has been arrested 396 times.  Wow.  But the good news is DMX’s record still stands.

Congratulations to David and Tamela Mann.  The two Meet The Brown stars got remarried.  David and Tamala were first married back in 1988, but they never had a proper ceremony, so this time they did it right.  But after 25 years of marriage I’m sure this honeymoon was a little different.  When David tried to get something after this wedding Tamala looked at him and said, “the truth is I’m tired.”