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Iyanla Vanzant’s debut with DMX, as crazy as it was, happened to be a very successful show.

According to reports, “Fix My Life” has seen an overall 22 percent increase in ratings since it’s debut in the fall.

But what took the show over the top last weekend was DMX’s interview with the life coach. Unfortunately, it didn’t end will.

The life fixer attempted to coach the troubled rapper through his issues with self and his son, Xavier. However, DMX was a bit contentious, and the show went south.

Since the on-camera shouting match, DMX’s son, Xavier,  has been quite vocal about their relationship and his father’s misguided perspective.

“DMX loves to play the victim. He thought the show was going to be about him. Iyanla didn’t make his life worse. He made it worse,”  said in a recent interview.

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