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Marlon Wayans must’ve been drunk Monday night when he totally let it all hang out.

He went in on Kevin Hart and revealed his thoughts about “Scary Movie 5.”

When asked about Kevin’s DUI, he simply blamed it on his height.

“Yeah, that m*********r is always drunk. Good for his little *ss. You know the thing about Kev? He didn’t drink much. All he had was the sip, but see that sip, the normal person who would have had a sip, they wouldn’t have been drunk. It would have been .0001, but Kevin, he’s like this big [gestures with his hand], he’s the size of a penis. So when you’re that little, one sip, I don’t think he was drunk. I just think he had a sip.”

He also totally ripped “Scary Movie 5” insinuating that it was a total flop.

Walking out of Chateau Marmount, TMZ asked the actor if he’d seen the movie.

His response: “Has anybody?”

Marlon has a bit of a grudge against the franchise since being pushed off the crew. So he went on to write and produce “A Haunted House,” which came out in January.

Interestingly enough, “Scary Movie” made $15 million over the weekend, while Marlon’s production made $18 million. But, “Scary Movie 5” cost $30 million to make while his only cost $3 million.


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