While out promoting “Scary Movie 5,” Katt Williams was sober. But that’s not the news.

He talked about his public breakdowns and fears and even discussed why he was done with Jamie Foxx’s performance as “Django.”

In a chat with BET.com, the actor and funny man was actually calm and sensible, a big difference from what most of us have witnessed in the past two years.

On being spoofed on SNL:

The young gentleman did me on Saturday Night Live recently.  I thought that was funny.  Probably because I didn’t expect it.  In general, I’m not big enough to be spoofed.  You have to be a big dinosaur entity to be spoofed.

On what “scares” him:

Every time I see the police. I’m in a state of fear.  Even innocent.  It’s just ingrained in me.  The IRS is scary.  It’s a lot of scary things in the world that’s why we can relate to kids. Throughout your life you find enough things to be scary of.

On insinuating that Jamie Foxx was gay:

I attempt to tell the truth on stage. I don’t make up stories for shock value. So while I can’t atone for everything I say on stage for I am operating under the spirt, I’m not allowed to take anything back afterwards….I didn’t mean for people to think that was the case….even if it is.  That’s what comedy is about. It about you taking those words and making your statement.

(Photo: PRPhotos)

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