Co-host of MSNBC’s daytime show “The Cycle” Touré joined HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill Thursday and defended his network’s all-white primetime lineup.

The cable news industry has come under criticism for its lack of diversity generally, and within primetime in particular. Though MSNBC has several African-American hosts, none of them anchor primetime shows.

But Touré said that within MSNBC’s modern era, there have only been five hosts to fit into three valuable slots — and the current lineup of Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell is “brilliant” and “extraordinary.”

“If you were able to say to me that there is a person who is not brilliant … then you can say something, but we have three extraordinary people,” he said. Asked by Hill whether or not there was an endemic hostility to hosts of color in primetime at MSNBC, Touré said there wasn’t.

“I don’t think that there’s a barrier to where [MSNBC chief] Phil Griffin’s like, ‘I’m not going to hire a black person,’” he said. “We have an openly gay woman at 9:00. We are liberal with a lowercase L. We are gonna open the doors to people. I could surely see at some point the right person come along and get one of the spots.”

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6 thoughts on “Touré Defends MSNBC’s All-White Primetime Lineup

  1. cheap louis vuitton bags online free shipping on said:

    So dont base your judgment on one manufacturing fault they didn’t envisage. And looking at that pic of the smudge, i agree with one blogger – it could have been transferred from the wearer’s clothing.

  2. A month or two ago, Politics Nation was one of the most watched on MSNBC and I thought Al deserved a pay increase. He has not said anything, so…
    Melissa Harris Perry is on Saturday or Sunday and I was certain Michael Eric Dyson would get a show too. Although it would be great to have a Black primetime host, I am glad that the network is making a LITTLE progress. (Baby steps) 😦

  3. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Who is this “we” Toure speaks of? It’s not he has any clout at MSNBC. His “network”! Yeah..right! Why the blank, blank, he gotta be the one defending a plantation network. Sure there is News Nation with Tamron Hall and Politics Nation with Rev. Al Sharpton, but the only this says is that was only room for two on the MSNBC network. I spell it t-o-k-e-n-i-s-m.

  4. I suppose if I were Touré, I might have said the same thing. I mean honestly, if people actually think that just because we have a Black man as President of these divided states that things have drastically changed. It is going to take time for some people to come around. Alternatively, just as President has trouble finding another Black viable candidate for his cabinet, it may be just as difficult to find a Black primetime host that is good enough for the president or producers of that network.
    Notwithstanding, I TRULY enjoy watching News Nation with Tamron Hall and Politics Nation with Al Sharpton. When I came to my senses, (somewhat) I had to stop watching too much news; I was severely addicted and needed a lobotomy, but I have allowed myself to stick with my two favorites.

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