Black Opal, the leading beauty destination for people of color, hosted a preview yesterday where beauty editors in the industry got a first look at the company’s new beauty and skin care line for 2013. Black Opal’s Senior Marketing Director, Maya Brown;  Artistic Director, Frank Guyton; and the stunning Dr. Cheryl Burgess, Dermatologist and Skin Care Consultant; were on hand to talk about the company’s latest products: Even True Cosmetics, Even True Skin Care, Boldacious Lengths Mascara, and Color Splurge Cosmetics. I’m a fan of Black Opal (my latest obsession is their full coverage foundation creme stick!) so I was super excited to see what they’ve been cooking up!

The new line covers a variety of skin care and beauty needs for women of color. Even True Skin Care works to create a flawless and even skin tone, while letting your natural radiance shine thorough. Consisting of cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and more, its main focus is treating and correcting acne, hyperpigmentation, psuedofolliculitis, dark spots and blemishes. Even True Cosmetics liquid foundations and lightweight concealers brighten, cover, and conceal to give you a perfect complexion. Boldacious Lengths Mascara (I love this name!) is paraben-free and works to thicken, define, and lengthen your lashes. It also contains panthenol, which conditions, hydrates and fortifies. All bases covered! Color Splurge Cosmetics consist of Lustre Gloss Lip Gloss, Patent Lips Lip Color, and Eye Shadow Duos in bold, beauitful hues. They’re dermatologist approved and provide long-lasting color and shine. With their new offerings, Black Opal gives women of color everywhere tools to look and feel beautiful, day or night. Check out some of my favorite products from the brand spankin’ new line!

Black Opal is available at, Duane Reade, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, and OTC stores nationwide.

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2 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Black Opal’s New Skin Care And Beauty Line

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