According to the Huffington Post, In a recent interview with Steve HarveyTyler Perry discussed his desire to be a father and that he feels he still has another two years of working before he can put down some of his obligations and commit to being a family man. Steve Harvey game his some advice about how he should realistically approach the notion. Take a look at the video below.

We agree with Steve, if Tyler wants to be active in his future children’s lives, then he better hurry up and get crackin on having them! 45 is a tough age to begin trying to be a father!  But seriously, he has plenty of blessings to share with a family and we wish him the best of luck on this endeavor. .

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One thought on “Tyler Perry Speaks On His Desire To Be A Father

  1. zombiesnthechurch on said:

    He a man he right he got ‘time’…but in the meantime he can be a father to so many boys out there that need a father figure in their life and who will appreciate him for the father they don t have …I do admire Mr P in that he is not ALLOWING anyone else to make that decision for him he can make a baby with anyone BUT it takes a special man to really be a FATHER! you go Tyler you are an inspiration to many …continue to be your own man so many have ‘sold’ themselves out!

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