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Dear Tom,

My mother is the definition of a phenomenal woman and the glue that holds our family together.  Throughout my 35 years of living, I have watched her give so much of herself and she’s cool, too — When she’s not listening to your show, she’s listening to Bob Marley.

She is the mother of 6 daughters, grandmother of 23, great-grandmother of 8 with 6 stepchildren and we just found out that there’s another grandbaby on the way.

My mom married young – at age 17 – and ended up raising us all by herself. She worked hard to get us all the things we needed. But once I was in the 6th grade – she went to college to get what she needed – a Bachelor’s degree…but she didn’t stop there – she kept going and got a masters degree in education.

My mom teaches grade school in the inner city and she bends over backwards for those kids – encouraging them to strive to be their best at whatever they do. She is also a community advocate and outreach volunteer.

A few years ago, she met Edward – a former Marine from New York City who is a truck driver. They have been married for 3 years but they never had a honeymoon because of their schedules never synced up. Can you help these two lovebirds out?


Daarina Ashanti Reynolds

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