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Robin Thicke has left “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

Rumors had it that he quit the show, but there were only speculations about why. Some even said he refused to come out of his trailer. quotes sources as saying the singer wasn’t very happy with the direction the show was taking his character.

Those sources say he approached producers with his complaints and even requested changes in the script for the upcoming episode.

But allegedly the producers didn’t want to change a thing.

As a result, Robin didn’t show up the day of shooting, according to reports.

So now he’s not on the show.

White Artists We Could Have Sworn Were Black
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4 thoughts on “Robin Thicke No Longer on Kevin Hart’s ‘Reality’ Show

  1. ARunAwaySlave on said:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. White folks always use the black community to take off then once they make it and get that white audience then all of the sudden they don’t want to mess that up by dealing with who got them there, black folks! We gotta wake up and stop letting these white folks use us like that.

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