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Dr. James Rosser, perhaps best known for his work with TV’s “Dr.Oz”, says 21 million Americans suffer from chronic heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), but it doesn’t have to be that way.

“They take medicines and they suffer side effects that they do not realize. The big downside is this causes esophageal cancer,” said Rosser, noting that chronic heartburn can now be treated with a new technology that uses magnets.

The former Morehouse School of Medicine surgery professor and a recognized national and international leader in minimally invasive surgery for over 20 years, has launched a community awareness project, Operation Bear Hug, that aims to get the message out to the public that there are ways to treat a chronic problem that many believe is just a part of everyday life.

The newest treatment, the Linx Reflux Management system, is a surgically implanted ring that limits the chances of acid reflux from reaching and damaging the esophagus. The Linx system is a newer ring design that improves upon an earlier system that had a higher complication rate.

Most people are aware of the common symptoms of heartburn, including chest pain, an acid taste in the mouth and nausea. Many symptoms are relieved, temporarily, by over-the-counter antacids. What health professionals refer to as “silent reflux,” however, is identified by symptoms that many patients don’t recognize, including asthma, postnasal drip, a persistent cough and a raspy or hoarse voice.

The most common treatment includes the use of acid blockers and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, citrus and canned foods.

“The treatment of GERD usually follows a stair-step approach that goes from the simple to the complex,” Rosser, a surgeon at Celebration Hospital in Orlando, Fla., said in an article on the hospital’s website.

“Lifestyle changes and medicines make up the simple, less aggressive arm of the treatment options. If these fail, invasive treatment must be considered. There are degrees to the level of invasiveness ranging from endoscopic procedures that do not require incisions, all the way to procedures that require full-blown open surgery.”

Early diagnosis and treatment, however, are a patient’s best bet to recovery.[ooyala code=”g1YWhvYTpNtstcM1oT2h8rAWn4ZhPvKS” player_id=”undefined”]


Can acid reflex be cured with surgery? I’ve been on Nexium over 20 years.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Linx Reflux Management system is a great step in helping to treat this problem that impacts so many people and the Nissen Fundoplication done with the laparascope can be done and you are out of the hospital with both choices  often within 24 hours You have to be evaluated to know which one is for you At Celebration Hospital, Orlando Florida my home hospital my partner and I offer this treatment and people come from all over the world to be treated at this place of spiritual healing We would be glad to take care of you visit our website

I have chronIc acId reflux and I keep the worst taste in my mouth. I am on omeprazole, what helps?

God is tapping you on the shoulder and telling that Omeprazole is not the answer You need to be evaluated It would be a shame if you are being warned that something serious is wrong and you did not heed the warning.

I have had gerd for over three years. It got to the point where I was constantly clearing my throat all the time. I had the procedure fundoplication done in November and the problem still persists. What else can I do?

First it is important to have the proper work-up Your doctor needs to be asked if he did a 24 hour ph study, a manometry study and an endoscopy with a biopsy. Depending on the results of those studies we can just if reflux was the actual problem Frequently sinus drainage can cause your symptoms I would go back to your surgeon, he may have to repeat the studies to give you some idea of what is now going on.

I get heartburn every time that I eat jelly, chocolate, drink OJ, etc. and I use baking soda to kill the burning sensation in my chest. Is baking soda a bad remedy?

No but it’s a temporary entity. You may be helped by just changing you lifestyle but you need to be evaluated to make sure you have the kind of heartburn you can live with We are actually starting a screening campaign on April 25 at Celebration Hospital in Orlando, Florida call Operation Bear Hug. We are going to get our arms around the reflux problem by using technology to tell you if you have the disease as soon as possible by using telemedicine and other technologies.

What workup should I ask for?

Please go to my article on the Dr. Oz website or visit HERE to learn more. I have extended articles to give you all the details. But in a nutshell, first you need an upper endoscopy. Next a 24 hour ph test. Then an esophageal manometry.

 Some nights I wake up gasping for air with this burning fluid in my throat. What could it be?

Nocturnal reflux-reflux at night while lying down is a big alarm signal. The door between your stomach and food tube is total open You need to be evaluated as soon as possible.

Where can I get more magnet treatment information? I’d like to give it to my father.

Visit this website. Get it to your Dad. It was hard to see my Uncle pass from esophageal cancer and not be able as a doctor to do anything to help him.

What type of tests do I need to ask for to get screened for esophageal cancer?

Please go to my article on the Dr. Oz website and visit HERE to learn more. I have extended articles to give you all the details.

Sometimes when I eat it feels like I have to throw up.

This is not necessary Gastroesophageal Reflux you may have gastritis or an ulcer Regardless, please get checked You need an endoscopy to know for sure.

I had a heart transplant in 99. Can I get and feel heartburn ?

Yes, you can and it can feel like a heart attack If you have these chest pains. Think heart first then after that is ruled out the look into heartburn.

I have heart burn so bad I can’t sleep. During the day it stops me in my step and it’s getting worse.

First it is important to have the proper work-up. Your doctor needs to do a 24 hour ph study, a manometry study and an endoscopy with a biopsy. Depending on the results of those studies we can see if reflux was the actual problem.

I developed acid reflux during pregnancy and after I had the baby was born I still have problems.  I am 30 should I see a doctor?

Yes, and you are young. The younger you are and the longer you will have the disease the more at risk you have for esophageal cancer.

What’s the name of the honey and where can I buy it?

Manuka honey and go to your health food store.

 If I’ve been taking Nexium for 3-4 years and now for GERD can I still have the surgery?

Absolutely yes, In fact, please reflect on your life with GERD Do you have pneumonia, anemia, hip fractures, diarhea, C. Difficle Colitis and you do not know why It all could be caused by the medications If you have these side effects, surgery is even more of an option.

I’ve had acid reflux since 1987 and I have taken every pill. Now I am currently taking Nexium on a daily basis. I don’t get really bad heartburn, but as soon as I miss 1 day I do. Am I a candidate for this surgery and where can I find more information? I live in Roanoke Virginia.

Check with your local hospital and visit But above all get the help you deserve now At Celebration Health our CEO Monica Reed MD and her team has built a hospital that gives destination care to all. You do not have to be rich to be treated at our hospital in Orlando, Florida. Each day people from around the world come to our hospital to be healed.

I feel like I always have something stuck in my throat. I went to the doctors and they couldn’t find anything wrong or signs of cancer.

You need to have a more complex work up. You need a full endoscopy, along with a 24 hour ph study and esophageal manometry. You need to take control of your health and wellness and push forward. See your gastroenterologist.

The REAL cause of what the doctor is talking about is called H-Pylorie.  The medical community does not diagnose this for us because. It keeps the drug companies in business.

HP is a prominent cause of gastritis, and ulcers. It is not the cause of Gastroesophgeal Reflux Disease. But, you are right there is a lot of many spent on drugs ($13 billion in 2006 alone). This is why we are alerting the public about surgical options for the right patients so they can be freed from being a slave to drugs.

 I have had the band removed.  Am I now at increased risk for cancer?

If you have had chronic reflux and the lap band helped you with the weight loss and now the band has been removed and you are regaining weight. Your reflux could come back and you need to make surge you have it checked regularly.

Is belching ALWAYS bad?  I belch a lot, but it is not accompanied by chest pains or burning.

No, there is a good chance you are just eating fast and swallowing aggressively. Each swallow also puts 15 cc of air in your stomach. The stomach expands and like your father may have told you. Its better in than out. If you do not have the other symptoms you are probably ok.

I heard Tums are the cause of more harm than good. Yet,  they are used more than any other over the counter drug?

Yes and No. They can help your heartburn temporary but it can mask a more serious problem. Remember, if you are having heartburn every day or every week, go to and take our heartburn test. You do not want to be treating yourself for something that is serious.

Is it true that constant heartburn is a sign of  a gallbladder problem?

No, gall stones have their own set of problems.

I cough pretty regular. They say it’s from reflux & I’m on dexilant which calms the cough but it never goes away?

You must go in for a reflux work up. 50% of asthma is caused by reflux. You do not want you air passages to become irreversibly damaged.