Roman Thomas III, a Miami pimp, who goes by the name of the “Suave” is facing charges after forcing a 13-year-old runaway prostitute to tattoo his name on her eyelids and forcing her into prostitution.

Thomas, 26, forced the young girl who goes by the name of “Sparkle” to tattoo “suave” on one eyelid and “house” on her other lid.

Reportedly, the girl threatened to leave Thomas and that is when he brought her to a tattoo shop to get inked.

Thomas drugged the teenager with molly, marijuana and filled her up with liquor before forcing her to have sex with men who Thomas found through advertising on

Miami Police believe that there are more victims. Call the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Human Trafficking Hotline at 305-350-5567 if you have any information.

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6 thoughts on “Pimp Forced Girl To Tattoo Eyelids With His Name

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  2. You can read the article over and over but it’s not written in the article that it’s his girlfreind, it’s in the video. Gotta know your facts better when scolding someone else.

  3. Cajunsweetz on said:

    That is not the 13 year old that’s the chick that was an accomplice to all of this these 2 were both arrested … Gotta read article better

  4. Rachelwith2sons on said:

    Why are they showing photos of an UNDERAGE VICTIM? Isn’t there some sort of law or rule against the media further exploiting the underage victim by showing their pictures and identifying them? Now when she has a chance to get help and get past this awful thing that was done to her, this terrible photo will be in cyberspace forever to haunt her future.

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