Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of Trayvon Martin‘s killer, George Zimmerman, recently compared the slain teenager to De’Marquise Elkins. 17-year-old Elkins was one of two teens who allegedly shot an 13-month-old Antonio Santiago in his stroller as the toddler and his mother walked home from the post office in Georgia on March 21.

The side-by-side photos of the boys making hand gestures bares the title “A picture speaks a thousand words. Any questions?”

Zimmerman tweeted the comparison to several organizations and individuals including filmmaker Michael Moore, the NAACP, a Breitbart News editor and the NRA.


(Photo: Twitter)

14 thoughts on “PHOTO: Brother of George Zimmerman Compares Trayvon Martin to Alleged Baby Killer

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  4. And listen to this your brother is the same as the KKK and undercover killer, He is not a cop and he was told to stand back so now what I just hope to see the day your brother is put in handcuff and put in jail. And the Travon will have justice him and his family. May him and that baby RIP and remember this travon did not kill anyone your brother did so he is the one the same as the killer.

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  7. PetraBlue on said:

    Within 2 weeks 2 black young thugs have shot two different babies in the head this is insane and if black men don’t stop there will be hell to pay soon.

    • 55th st silverbacks on said:

      there should be hell to pay for the treatment of african males in this country, the history tells it all. are TRUE LEADERSHIP HAS BEEN ERADICATED. THESE ARE NOT MEN THEY ARE MISGUIDED CHILDREN. and the prison system was designed to house and destroy us , we do not have to break the law to imprisoned just meet the critera guess what that would be?. the killing fields have been around a long time. our kids are not as labled drug dealers ,thugs and gangbangers. they learn they are less than and seen by the rest of the world as violent by nature.

  8. queenb00 on said:

    Besides being an asshole like his brother he has the f-ing nerve to speak of a baby killer. You are talking about your bro. He is the baby killer. If he gets off with it he will be watching his back for the rest of his life. Someone will be waiting for the opportunity to ace him.

  9. Throw up all the smokescreens you want to Robert, George is still going on trial for killing Trayvon. When it is all said and done, you will wonder, did I help my brother or did I handicap him? You and George will have to live with yourselves.

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