A man being on the “down low” is an issue that many women experience. Jacque Reid Goes ‘Inside Her Story’ with Brenda Stone Browder, author of the book “The Ex Factor: Finding Freedom to Heal, Forgive and Love Again”.

Go to theexfactorbookandtour.com to find out more information about the book.

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One thought on “Jacque Reid Goes ‘Inside Her Story’ With Author Brenda Stone Browder

  1. can you actually tell me she is healing over this, there is no way I could stay in a marriage with a man who I know is still sleeping with men and me, I believe in family with my whole heart ,, but I looked at his wife and she looks worn out and beat down. down low is not something I would want to deal with
    there would be no healing in that. Men will become more lovers of themselves more than lovers of God. bottom line),,,That is not something I believe in, or could continue in a loveless marriage.
    its just a bunch of bull ( just trying to make money off there book),,

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