Dear Tom Joyner:

My parents, Lucille and Dwight Johnson, have been more than wonderful to me my entire life, but as of late they have just been the!   You see, i recently had to move back home with my two sons, both under four, after their dad and i split up.    Without so much as a wink, my parents welcomed us back with open arms.  Now, their once empty nest is filled with toys, noise, yelling and the tv blasting with cartoons.

Tom, they are such good sports.  The first thing in the morning they wake to the boys jumping on their bed and the action continues all day long as they call their names to keep them from getting into trouble.  They continue sacrificing for us with all their time, money, their space, more money—lol and patience, which is a lot with my dad being a heart patient.

My Christmas wish is to send them to the rodeo finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.   It has always been their dream to attend and this year it falls on their 27th wedding anniversary, December 12th.   They truly are the nicest parents that god could have given me and i would like to do something just for the two of them to enjoy—with peace and quiet.

Thank you for your time,

Ashley J.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: Lucille & Dwight Johnson

  1. Micheal on said:

    People go out of their way to sacrifice for others and at the same time struggling to keep themselves afloat, elderally, handicap, and the less forturnate, but the TJM Show give lavish trips to people just because ma and pa jumps on their grand kids beds and keep them out of trouble. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE DONATION TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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