Prince has come a long way since recording “Purple Rain,” “Darling Nikki,” and “Little Red Corvette” and the free-spirited, purple-clad musician is a master at re-inventing himself.

Today, Prince is expanding his brilliant portfolio by recording music for cable news television — specifically an exclusive theme song for MSNBC’s Tamron Hall.

Hall stands alone: No other anchor on television can boast having an exclusive song  by Prince to open their newscast.

Have you heard it? It’s a funky, catchy tune that can be heard every afternoon on MSNBC from 2-3 p.m.

The song is called “17” that Prince released under the Madhouse name on the 1-800-New Funk CD years ago. MSNBC was permission to use the song and the popular cable news program is taking full advantage of it.

“The song’s title originally was ‘Seventeen’ and then Prince decided to change the name of the song to the ‘NewsNation’ theme song,“ Hall said.

“Prince is a news junkie. He is incredible. He’s the most thoughtful person. He’s engaged with what’s going on in the world, and so it evolved into this amazing opportunity for me to have this song,” Hall said.

Here’s a clip of the song.

As one of the greatest musicians of all time, it appears Prince is now turning his attention to making music for daytime cable hosts, which is lucrative and gives Prince another high-profile platform.

Meanwhile, Prince is not just producing songs for cable news.

“Prince has used his mysterious new social media character, 3rd Eye Girl, to release his second new website in less than a month, complete with a brand new song called ‘Breakfast Can Wait’,” according to

“After several years without any official online presence, Prince is seemingly storming back onto the scene in 2013, with last month seeing the arrival of the supposed bootlegger “3rd Eye Girl” to Facebook and Twitter, who immediately “leaked” a number of unofficial tracks and videos, including a new song (that has since disappeared), called ‘Same Page, Different Book’,” reported.

“This was quickly followed by the official release of the new single ‘Screwdriver’ and the launch of what looked to be his new official website,”

But in the meantime, tune in to Tamron Hall on MSNBC and listen to Prince’s rockin’ song, “17.” But you better hurry. Hall said the track will only be available to the show for the next six months.

“It blew me away when I got the email,” Hall said. “He’s just the coolest person in the world.”

(Photo: AP)

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