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Kim then posted a picture of her to prove that the unflattering image was photo-shopped.

Lil Kim, Wendy Williams

Williams has yet to weigh in, but we have absolutely no doubt that she will.

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10 thoughts on “Lil’ Kim Exposes Wendy Williams’ ‘Relationship’ With Notorious B.I.G. On Twitter

  1. lauri petersgillis on said:

    that’s what wendy does, and kim grow up you did that to yourself so own it! neither one of them are knife free, so tell that

  2. wendy looks bad and so does Kim, so how is wendy gonna talk about somebody, she looks terrible
    I swear when I see wendy I swear that use to BE WENDELL, Big Old man,, girl please she is a man.

  3. I don’t know know why KIm so Upset when both of them are Slice and Dice and full of Shit, Biggie have them both sucking his DICK just keeping it real

  4. Debbie on said:

    Both of these chicks are knifed up….Lil Kim used to be cute in the 90’s, not sure why she would mess herself up like this….

  5. This could be the cat fight of the century, although it will pale along side the thrilla in Manilla and the rumble in the jungle, I’d still be willing to buy a ringside seat. Maybe the contestants might be persuaded to mud wrestle with each other.

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