Comedian Chris Paul doesn’t think La Toya Jackson is the person to monitor Michael’s kids’ careers. Plus more on Dennis Rodman and Tiger Woods.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

La Toya Jackson has taken control of Michael’s kids’ careers.  From now on Prince, Paris and Blanket will follow the creative direction of La Toya Jackson.  And now let’s fast forward to newsstands in the year 2025; Extra, Extra, read all about it, Michael’s kids go broke!

Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus say that he still believes one day Tiger Woods will break his record.  Interesting.  How many women did Jack sleep with?

This year the World Cup of Soccer will offer special seats for obese people.  But the team that really wants to win will sit them in front of the goal.

Fifty percent of Americans say they’re disgusted that Dennis Rodman made friends with murderous Korean dictator Kim Pyongyang.  The other 50% say they thought the two were Lamar and Khloe.

I’m Chris Paul and this was the Morning Minute.


Listen to Chris Paul’s Morning Minute on the TJMS.

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One thought on “Uh-Oh La Toya Jackson is in Charge of Paris, Prince & Blanket’s Careers MORNING MINUTE

  1. i don’t think the commentary on LaToya is fair. What do we know about her abilities. Her Father did a pretty good job with his sons. Crabs in a barrell.

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