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Omarosa Manigault is getting back to life after the tragic, unexpected passing of long time love, Michael Clarke Duncan.

She’ll be back to reality on the new season of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” but fans will see a softer side of the stone cold businesswoman.

In an interview with, she chatted about her return to television, coping with the loss of her fiancée, and getting back to work as a reverend.

That’s right, she’s a woman of the cloth.

She admitted her hard exterior has softened a bit, mostly because of her new path.

“The difference is I wasn’t in the ministry the last time I appeared on season one and seven of ‘Apprentice.’ That doesn’t stop me from being competitive because I’ll always be that, and I’ll still have my edge. But it has made me more aware of what I was doing and how I was doing it. There’s still that sharp businesswoman, but maybe a little kinder.”

Don’t take her kindness for weakness, she warned. It’s still a competition and a fierce Rev. O will come out for a fight.

She’ll be competing for $250,000 to benefit the Sue Duncan Children’s Center in Chicago, an organization her late fiancée was a supporter of. (BTW, Michael Clarke Duncan was not related to Sue Duncan.)

Speaking of her late  Mr. Duncan, Omarosa says to her it feels like he’s still here.

“I’m still in our home. Michael’s toothbrush is still in our bathroom; his jacket is still hanging on the hook. I live with the presence of Michael Clarke Duncan every day because everything is as he left it. I need time to decide to put away the toothbrush, or fold up the clothes that he threw over the back of the chair. But I haven’t done that and that’s my process of grieving. It’s unbelievable at times. I miss him every single day. It doesn’t get better, but you get better. So I’m working on getting better.”

You can see  Omarosa “Reverend O” Manigault on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” this Sunday, March 3 at 9pm on NBC.

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