Michael Jacksons former masterpiece of a home Neverland Ranch hasn’t had a person living in it since 2005. that might change in the near future because it is rumored the new king and queen of music, Jay-Z and Beyonce are looking to buy the King of Pop’s former home.

According to AOL Real Estate, a “source close to the Jackson estate” said the power couple have toured the property and have expressed interest. However, Jay-Z has claimed he has not one ounce of an interest in buying Jackson’s former mansion that sits on 3,000 acres with its own amusement park and fire department. The Jackson family source believes the opposite, saying, “If [the current owners] took them to the ranch … there must be something to it.”

Michael Jackson officially lost Neverland Ranch in 2008 when a private equity firm bought out the $23.5 million loan Jackson defaulted on. The owner of the firm wouldn’t comment on the recent rumors, but if they are true, Jay-Z and Beyonce are the perfect people to bring glory back to the Neverland Ranch.


Originally seen on TheUrbanDaily.com 

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