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He moved from hip-hop as the voice of the group Goodie Mob to pop music with hits like “Crazy” and “Forget You” to a starring role on reality TV as one of the judges of “The Voice.”

Now Green is embarking on a whole new challenge. He’s paying tribute to one of Las Vegas’ most prolific performers – the flamboyant musician Liberace, who’ll be portrayed by Michael Douglas onscreen in an upcoming movie.

In Cee-Lo’s case he’ll be “Loberace,” headlining his own show and tribute to the singer at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas from February 27-March 2. Green will perform a comprehensive set of songs from his 19-year career. He was inspired in part by assuming the role of Loberace in his recent music video “I Want You (Hold Onto Love).”

“This is kind of a reminder, a reinvention, a remembering of that old spirit of the showmanship, the spectacle, sensational, surreal and whimsical things that make up entertainment,” Green told celebrity interviewer Robin Leach in the Las Vegas Sun. “This show is to make it tangible, and Las Vegas makes this fantasy tangible. I didn’t choose it; it chose me…Someone must represent this renaissance, this bold, this bravery for our generation, and I believe that I am poised to do it.”

As Cee-Lo’s costumes and stage sets seem to be taken right from Liberace’s flamboyant example, you can expect the show to be full of all kinds of bells and whistles, and furs and diamonds and whatever else Green can come up with from his obviously fertile imagination.

“We have musicians, we have dancers, we have gorgeous girls, we have fire-breathing dragons, and we are trying to get the flying piano,” he told the Sun. “It’s become a legend, but it costs a pretty penny to put into production. I would love it with that piano there. It could bring that wonderful magic to the people there every night. I cannot wait for everybody to come see the show.”

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