Beyoncé gave everyone a sneak peek at her latest Pepsi ad after she posted the pop-art style image on her Facebook page early this afternoon.

In the Andy Warhol-esque image, Beyonce strikes a couple of poses including the ever-popular kissy face, a smile shot and one with a little attitude.

But it’s not the poses that have everyone talking, instead, people are pointing out the superstar’s very fair skin in the ad. (See below)


Some interesting Facebook comments under the photo from a few of her fans include:”ummmmm…why does she look Caucasian..?” and another that reads “And to look like a white chick. thumbs down for you Missi”; these are only two of the many fiery opinions posted about the image on the star’s page.

This is not the first time people have been upset over Beyonce’s skin color. Back in February 2012 L’Oreal faced a lot of criticism after they lightened her skin in one of their ads.(see below)


Pepsi has not released a statement on the ad but we won’t be surprised if they release one shortly.

What do you think of the image? Are people overreacting?

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31 thoughts on “Beyoncé Debuts Controversial Pepsi Ad (Photo)

  1. Ashley A. on said:

    The article is not so much about Beyonce, but more about the decision that was made to lighten her skin for these ads so that she adheres the European beauty standards. THIS IS NOT ART, this is advertising and marketing. Everything that you see is done with intent and purpose. People who are upset about these images are not “hating” on Beyonce they simply have a clue as to how these things work and judging from almost all of your comments you all seem to have absolutely no clue. The lightening of her skin is their way of telling you that this what beauty is… to be white and this what you should want to be. History people! its all in our history…do some research on colorism, specifically in the media. Look into the controversy surround Zoe Salanda playing Nina Simone. At some we as a black community have to educate ourselves.

  2. Jennifer on said:

    Beyonce knows who she is and she knows whose she is.
    As previously shared…it’s Warhol-esque! Leave Bey alone!
    Drink some Pepsi and stop being a crab in a barrel.

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  4. Let Bey be…..she knows who/what she is and that is African American…our color ranges from the Lightest of LIGHT to the Darkest of dark. Our color is beautiful, let’s embrace it, You go Beyonce…you do YOU!! At end of the day, we are who we are and she is who she is AFRICAN AMERICAN!!

  5. People need to stop being so sensietive about whose looking white or whatever color any one is, I have three daughters and one is darker than the other daughter would get mad. you don’t know how your words hurts by calling a fare skin person white or trying to act white, God made us and no one can change it. If Byeonce was white people will still talk. let her be whatever she want to be!At the end of the day she still will be an African-American, and she can’t change that!!!!

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  8. Renee Gordon on said:

    Hello? Beyonce IS a fair skinned black women! Those photos are simply artistic expression – we need to quit hating on each other – let the woman make her money!

  9. kennetta on said:

    Now y’all no that pepsi is responsible for turning Micheal Jackson white too! Lol just kiddinding! Howevere I do think between makeup and lights, does a neat little trick of its own.

  10. I am SO sick and tired of hearing about Beyonce!! WHO CARES what color they make her. Nothing about her is real anyway. Hair weave, false lashes, Spanx-lined Superbowl outfit, lip-syncing…She’s NOT all that. I’d take Jennifer Hudson over Beyonce any day. She has rocketed to fame because of the illusion of the long-haired and beautiful light-skinned woman that her people have manufactured. If she was really all that, then her people wouldn’t be pulling some of her photos taken during the Super Bowl that they say are unflattering. At this point, I’m starting to believe the rumors that a surrogate had the baby for her. That would explain them buying up the whole floor of the hospital during her “delivery.” SMH. Can we hear about some REAL news?

  11. Charlene Harris on said:

    @antonnia, perhaps if you’ve been blessed with beautiful hair, you could do a commercial too. I don’t think you would have to sell your soul really! In this life it is not wrong to use talents or assets that God gave you.

  12. Charlene Harris on said:

    Stop being foolish! She is a fair-skinned woman of color. Pepsi is paying big money for her to endorse their product. She needs to be acceptable to as many consumers as possible. We use make-up for all kind of reasons. Get a life!

  13. antonnia on said:

    THIS IS SO NOT NEWS!!! it’s funny how they were worried about her skin color, when they should have said something about how she’s not modeling her own home grown hair for a hair coloring product! smh! their are black girls out here with real long hair that is grown from their scalp me included. my hair gos down to the top of my tail bone….oh I forgot I didn’t sell my soul…oh well!

    • Exactly!! Some people are always looking for something to complain about. Beyonce knows she is black and so does everyone else. But she is a light-skinned black person. This is such a non-issue. I think it’s great that she was chosen to represent Pepsi.

  14. Robin Leveston on said:

    I’m so tired of the ” is she dark enough”!!! She is doing great things! My goodness she picked Jayz for a husband. How black do you want her to be! LOL!

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