If you don’t know who Leonard Cooper is, read on ’cause this young brother is someone you need to know about.

You see, the cool, calm, collected (and a little cocky) Mr. Cooper – a Little Rock, Arkansas high school student – just won $75,000 on “Jeopardy Teen Tournament.”

Needless to say, that’s quite a feat for anybody, not to mention a 17-year-old with an Afro. Yes, it’s a well-worn cliche, but you really can’t tell a book by its cover. And you know what we’re talking about.


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2 thoughts on “17-Year-Old Leonard Cooper Wins $75,000 on ‘Jeopardy Teen’ (Watch)

  1. Louise is right. This young man has a great self-image. Does he look different? Probably. Does he act different? Probably. Does he have an edge to him? Probably. Does he answer the questions? Absolutely. Most importantly, he seems to have a great outlook on life. Even without the money he earned, he is going to go on to do great things in life.

  2. Louise C. on said:

    Unlike the person who wrote this “article,” everyone did not judge Leonard by his “cover.” He was allowed to compete for, and earn, a spot on Teen Jeopardy. He did it with his MIND, not his skin or his hair. My sons and I watch Jeopardy together almost every night, and we especially enjoyed Leonard’s personality, wit, confidence, eloquence, intellect, and positive attitude. So he has an Afro – big deal. It’s only hair. What it says to me is that this remarkable young man has a healthy self-image, and is comfortable being himself. Other people can say what they want about him- he knows who he is. I suspect he was probably teased by some of his classmates for “acting white.”

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