The police chief in Richmond, Va. who signed off on Chris Brown’s alleged community service has resigned, TMZ reports.

Chief Bryan Norwood was involved in certifying Brown’s community service hours, which the L.A. County D.A. claims were never performed. Norwood was instrumental in removing Brown’s case from the Richmond Probation Dept. and placing it squarely in his hands.

Norwood also wrote a letter to the court claiming all of Brown’s community service had been performed.

The Mayor of Richmond says his office and the Chief reached a “mutual agreement” for his resignation.

There had been speculation for weeks the Chief might have resigned to get a similar job in Raleigh, North Carolina, but the buzz in Richmond is that the Brown scandal accelerated his decision, TMZ reports.

As previously reported, the judge in Brown’s Rihanna beating case wants the singer to verify his hours. If he is unable to do so, it may be counted as a probation violation and result in jail time.

One thought on “Va. Police Chief in Chris Brown Probation Scandal Resigns

  1. Just Sayin on said:

    Why is the Police Chief involved in Chris Brown’s community service? The only way the chief could have known Chris perfomed his community service is if he had drove and picked him up himself.

    When you enter the court system the police are out of the picture. An officer of the court should be handling his community service and it is usually a parole officer if parole is the judgement handed down. When one receives community service, that person is to report to someone working where the service is to be perfomed and that person is supposed to record days and hours of service and signs off on it and that report should be turned in to the officer of the court or parole officer.

    This doesn’t sound right to me!

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