Just a couple of days after announcing that she wanted to retire from music on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, embattled R&B singer Toni Braxton made another announcement that has people talking; she wants to be a lesbian…sort of.

In a recent interview, Braxton said that she would love to focus on her acting career and that one role she especially wants to play is a lesbian.

She explained to TheGrio, “I don’t know why. And do a whole make-out scene and the whole thing; just something completely different than people would expect from me. Not a lipstick lesbian, either.”

Most recently, Braxton starred in the Lifetime Christian Romance movie titled “Twist of Faith.”

25 thoughts on “Toni Braxton Wants to be a Lesbian

  1. Rachel on said:

    This seems like a pathetic attempt at attention grabbing. Even if this is something Tony claims she wants to explore, did we need to know??? People today tell too much and talk too much. Go be a responsible mom.

  2. NOT surprised, this is Hollowood, and the world is getting more and more crazy, so what else is new? Be careful what you ‘wish’ for sometimes when you get it, it doesn’t always turn out to be what you think.

  3. Okay T I’ll walk you through this. Check out the film “Black Swan” (Natalie Portman) specifically the sex scene, then, watch “Thelma and Louise” especially their interplay. Then picture in your mind a hair color, female shape, eye color, weight, height and drop “W” on The Boulevard pay close attention to the reaction and look of the women, then pick your flavor. Now, if you are still game to putting it on the screen you may Option my Novel The Saga of Jossetta Henry (c) It’s about a young woman who uses sex to escape from and Insane Asylum to prove herself innocent of the murder of her mother. Lots Of Love

  4. Zinzi on said:

    Grace and Aimee need to study the roots of the Bible she is quoting, No-where in it does it or ever has it said “I love all people except….” Stop the judgement, that is a sin too isn’t it.

  5. You people are in the dark ages and are ·hypocrites! Im gonna deviate a bit.Your reciting quotes from a Bible that was interpreted by sodomizing Romans. Who freely added a deleted the true scripture. So how do you know what GOD loves? …He loves US, mankind….the problem with people is we are so concerned about what others think of us that we dont aspire to do what we desire…people mind you r own damn business! Toni do it girl!

  6. Interesting type of role that “my lady” would like to explore as an actress, but I feel that “lipstick” would be a fit for her. Good luck to your acting endeavors, LADY!!!!

  7. sailor12 on said:

    She may as well her career is a shambles and like all good looking women they look beautiful until they open their mouth.

  8. What a waste of a God given gift. Stick with singing Toni…get back in the church you have lost it somewhere…surely God is not pleased with this and you know what I am talking about.

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  10. Toni what would your children think when they get old enough to understand,really it would make them ashame.What would your sweet family and mother think.You ‘re beautiful and can have any man you. reconsider this, and think of the shame you might bring on your children when they’re grown.or your father, who brought you up in the church the right way. Please don’t throw all that away for a sin, that god speaks against.God is in your heart and he has blessed you.

    • blackamericalies on said:

      Read your bible bitch. God nor Jesus ever said anything about gay people in the new testament. Obvious you’re one of those Christians that never actually read the damn bible.

      • Yes God did speak about gay people…if gay means a man and a man or a woman and a woman being together than yes he did. What bible have your read? The word Gay is not there that word use to mean happy. But, Lev 20:13 Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind…it is an abomination. Romans 1:25-30 describes and talks all about this. In genesis God instructs adam and eve to procreate…multiply and fill the earth. Tell me what gay couple can do that? God is the same yesterday, today, and forever…people change but God’s word is eternal. You can’t change God’s mind.

      • jonsgram on said:

        God clearly said that Homosexuality (sodomy) is an abomination. That should be clear enough for everyone to understand. Since that is in Romans, it’s in the New Testament. Also, your cussing when referring to the Bible, The Word of God, is repulsive. “What does it profit a man (or woman) to gain everything of this world and lose his (or her) own soul?”

  11. why would you want to be a lesbian? Toni
    why you turn away from God,?God is the answer for the world today If I were you turn back to him because he love you and he is will to accept you for are and clean you up and you the person he want you be so give him a chance to prove him to you. May God richly bless
    your Respectfully Aimee Richards

  12. How do we get from Toni Braxton wanting to play a lesbian in her acting career to her actually “wanting to be a lesbian.” She seems to be somewhat bi-curious and wants to make out with a woman on the silver screen. Kudos to her. I wonder what her mom and sisters think about this. But, they probably already know that Toni can be emotionally confused at times. We already know about her real-life never ending, financial confusion. Lets add the emotional confusion to Toni’s Real Life Reality Show. Production in progress. Hang on to your seats.

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