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Michelle Williams appears to have finally responded to Keyshia Cole’s tweet dissing her Super Bowl half time performance with Destiny’s Child.

As previously reported, Keyshia tweet-blasted Michelle for “f**kin up the groove” of the Destiny’s Child reunion. Days later, it was followed by someone’s re-tweet falsely attributed to Michelle that hit back at Cole with: “I’m Destiny’s Child and you are Frankie’s Child… You do the math.”

Williams quickly refuted the tweet, writing, “I never tweeted that! Be wise and check the ORIGINAL timeline before you spread more mess! Once again…God bless!”

Today, however, Williams seemed to address the kerfuffle in a post on her Facebook page, urging “all my ladies” to “stick together & support each other.”

She wrote: “It was an honor to share the stage with my sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on Sunday night. To all my ladies, we must learn to stick together and support each other. The incredible Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job too! Thank you to my sister Beyonce for sharing your moment with Destiny’s Child. Love you!”

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