Michelle Williams appears to have finally responded to Keyshia Cole’s tweet dissing her Super Bowl half time performance with Destiny’s Child.

As previously reported, Keyshia tweet-blasted Michelle for “f**kin up the groove” of the Destiny’s Child reunion. Days later, it was followed by someone’s re-tweet falsely attributed to Michelle that hit back at Cole with: “I’m Destiny’s Child and you are Frankie’s Child… You do the math.”

Williams quickly refuted the tweet, writing, “I never tweeted that! Be wise and check the ORIGINAL timeline before you spread more mess! Once again…God bless!”

Today, however, Williams seemed to address the kerfuffle in a post on her Facebook page, urging “all my ladies” to “stick together & support each other.”

She wrote: “It was an honor to share the stage with my sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on Sunday night. To all my ladies, we must learn to stick together and support each other. The incredible Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job too! Thank you to my sister Beyonce for sharing your moment with Destiny’s Child. Love you!”

(Photo: Instagram)

6 thoughts on “Michelle Williams: ‘Ladies Should Stick Together, Support Each Other’

  1. Tenitra Michele was brought up COGIC and her faith has a lot to do with how she presents herself. I have known Michele for many many years and she has never said a cross word about or to anyone.
    This is the Lords doing an it is MARVELOUS in our sight. I t was prophesied many years ago that she
    would be in the limelight and it is so. I use to think that Keisha Cole was on her game but she is trouble. Take care of your family and leave the single women alone keish. God bless you Michele for not falling into the trap of the enemy. Good job!!!!Kudos!!!

  2. Michelle is mature young women,, Keyshia, cole, does not know how to respond because she was
    not raised like that, to respect all black women, in the business, or even if your not in the business,
    we must all respect each black women, because when you put another woman down,, your putting yourself down, Keyshia, is not educated or able to understand , how women like MIchelle can forgive and move on,, Keyshia, needs to grow up and stop acting like her mother,, because that is basically what it boils down to,,, keyshia has not been in the business that long, she has alot to learn about respect, and being Respectful, and being loyal to your black sistas;;;

  3. I LOVE Michelle taking the high road. This should REALLY make Keyshia feel stupid. Still waiting for that apology/response from Keyshia after this. Kill em with kindness Michelle!!!! This really isn’t a feud!! A feud is when people go back and forth, argue, disagree, drama, etc. I’m sure some of it is jealousy on Keyshia’s part. Some of it is just a lack of class. Has Keyshia EVER come out on twitter or publicly and support and spoke good about anyone bigger or more popular than her? Just curious.

    • Money isn’t everything. Just because they are rich doesn’t mean they don’t need to support each other. They probably need more support than non famous people or just as much, what they do isn’t easy. They are constantly faced with public criticism and hatred, as a fellow artist you would think Keyshia would be more supportive. And yes I agree with Michelle, women need to be supportive of each in general, rich or not, famous or not, especially black women.

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