Once again, biographical filmmakers didn’t quite get it right.

The Lifetime Network’s “Betty and Coretta” is the latest example of that.

Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Betty Shabazz spoke up about the inaccuracies the film contains. Rumor has it, the filmmakers didn’t even consult the children about a damn thing.

“My mother was not a weak, timid, insecure woman as portrayed,” Shabazz told the Washington Post. “She was regal, compassionate, strong, loving, beautiful, resilient and highly educated. That is why the Delta Sigma Theta sororities named academies all across this country after her, so others could be inspired how to turn triumph into tragedy. “If only Lifetime had consulted us, the sisters, maybe this would be more than fiction. I am not pointing my finger solely at them, but it must be our responsibility to ensure history is properly documented.”

And as far as Coretta Scott King, the main falsity was the that she accepted that her husband was unfaithful based on tapes sent by the FBI.

“Betty & Coretta” – set to re-air this Monday, January 11 at 10pm E/P – is based on the relationship between Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King after their husbands were murdered.

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11 thoughts on “‘Betty and Coretta’ Got it Wrong According to Shabazz Daughter

  1. I watched the movie. I do not see where Betty Shabazz was shown as being weak. The movie
    included Betty seeing her husband gun down in cold blood. After this tragedy continued to live a productive life and raise 6 girls alone. That’s a strong woman.

  2. This film was a insult to these 2 women. They portrayed Betty Shabazz as a loose, high heel shopping and uneducated woman. Also they tried again to make the Nation and Min Farrakhan responsible for the lost of her husband Malcolm X which is totally false. If you were not part of the movement during the early to mid 60s then you have no idea what or how things happened back then. Hollywood always try to use “actors” to re-enact the past but never get it right. Just pure entertainment and mis-leading motives as usual. Spike Lee’s Malcolm X was good but not a good portrayal of the H.E.M. Don’t believe every movie that’s made especially when “other outsiders” try to make them.

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  4. i couldnt understand why betty was protrayed as a weak woman, i dont remember that being her personality. it seemed real fiction. they did a good job showing them as friends but not protraying their lifes.

  5. I watched the movie, I was paying attention to the friendship between two women, who needed each other,, and if Ilyasah shabazz, wanted her mother portrayed in the correct way, she should have said something or called and ask can she help them, put it in the the correct light, see everytime a, movie
    is portrayed about martin or Malcolm ,, they always come out with some crapp,, about how it wasn’t
    done right,, or any time a movie comes out about civil rights leaders,,, something is always wrong,, those shabazz sisters, are not even on the same page, they are not even together, they cannot get together and agree on anything, half of them where not even speaking to each other. I read the ebony interview, how they where going to get together ,, and start changing things, and doing things to remember they mom and dad,, they haven’t done anything,,, see all that is just a bunch of talk,,,
    see we need to look a little bit out of the box, they knew this movie was being made, before it hit lifetime,, they all knew,, now if they was so concerned about how they mama, was portrayed, why didn’t they get out there, pull it together, and make there own movie, or go to lifetime and present it to them themselves, see talk is cheap. they talk a good game,, but they don’t walk it, talking about uplifting people ,, all they do is talk about it, they need to be about it..Angela basset did a great job
    and so did the rest of the actors playing martin and malcolm, mary J, Blige, was executive producer, she did the best she could in trying to make a movie about a friendship, between two women who lost there husbands, who had different ideas,,, the reason that they families proberly where not consulted ,, they proberly couldn’t find any of them, Because they are all scattered around doing nothing to uplift anyone, so now you tell me,, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS
    PICTURE, GOD bless and thanks for listening,, think about people.

    • I agree 1thing they also failed to realize, this was a lifetime movie, not a featured motion picture. Also the portrayal was endearing. What I saw in Betty was that she was strong but also concerned about her husband and wasn’t afraid to express it. She was also traumatized about seeing her husband killed in front of her and their children.
      Their portrayal of her to me was good but like I said this was a lifetime movie!

      • thank you bill, for acknowledging the fact that this was not a major motion picture, I’m not saying you have to agree with me, but all this profanity on here talking about MJB, they did the best they could
        matter of fact ,, they didnt need permission, or need to consult them,the shabazz family or the king family,, if they wanted to uplift this movie , they would have had a little more positive feedback,, but you see how we, we treat each other,, LIKE CRABS IN THE BARREL,,
        one tries to climb out,, the other tries to pull him back down,, that is the bottom,, line,, then they act they are the victims,, please don’t play the victim Shabazz, and the king family half of those kids
        dont/t even know what there father faced everyday, they didn’t even show any respect for there mother,, SHABAZZ wanted her children to be educated, and half of them are not even speaking to each other,, so lets not believe ,, everything they are saying,,, GOD BLESS YOU BILL ,, and thank you for your reply,, Have a blessed day. GREAT JOB ANGELA, GREAT JOB MARY,,

  6. Stephanie on said:

    i thought the same thing. betty shabazz never appeared to be weak and docile to me. i thought the protrayal of her was very inaccurate.

    • Carla why are you so sad they didn’t consult these king children? and the shabazz family,, why?
      carla,, and how do you know that the information was accurate, because of what the media, says
      or what the shabazz sisters, half of them where to young to understand what there father faced everyday,, not unless they watched, some movie on it,, or what there parents showed them,,
      please explain to me, why do you think they should have been consulted?? its not sad,, its sad how they down-graded, the movie, and didn’t try to help Mary j, out of even talk to lifetime,,or try to come together, maybe they tried and maybe they didn’t I’m not sure, but to actually put the movie down,
      and not just hey, they did the best they could, with what they had,,, so please explain it to me?? GOD BLESS YOU!!,,,

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