Kenya Moore shouldn’t be offended about the bipolar accusations because … well, she’s kinda crazy acting.

Reality show star peer, Phaedra Parks accused her colleague and fellow  workout video maker of possibly suffering from bipolar depression and alcoholism.

Kenya has taken offense to it all and is calling it a vindictive attack on her character. On a recent Bravo blog post, the reality star went at it against Phaedra, writing:

“Undoubtedly with malice, Phaedra repeatedly and intentionally slanders and defames me with unfounded and untrue statements. The only thing that makes me “crazy” is that I ever believed this woman was my friend. She is a malicious, despicable human being, who intentionally sought to malign my reputation and harm my future business with her debasing lies.”

The post went on to say she saw her co-worker’s “cold black heart.”

Kenya also did an interview with NY’s HOT 97.  She addressed rumors of having a fake butt and where her “on-screen” boyfriend Walter is now.

On fake booty:

“I don’t have any work done. I’m not going to entertain that nonsense. My real fans know my body is my body. I may go up and down in my weight but this is me anybody who doesn’t like it you can buy my workout video and try to get your body together.”

On her anti-bullying song “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”:

I’m just having fun. I am not a singer. I’m not out here trying to be Rihanna or Beyonce. It’s a song that pretty much empowers people. Being in this business and doing what I do you have people constantly everyday trying to put you down or send you hate messages. For me, its sort of like an anti-bullying campaign if you will.

On Walter:

“He’s long gone. Keep watching the show because he won’t go away. Groupies never go away. I took a chance with him. He was never good enough for me and he is proving it every single time you see him on the show. I think he really wants to hold a peach in the beginning of the opening credits on housewives more than anybody.”

11 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Claims Her Butt Isn’t Fake, Denies Being Bi-Polar

  1. Detroit Auto Show on said:

    As a former Detroit model, that has been around Kenya since she was 16 yrs old and dating Mr. Baker. She lies about everything and I don’t know why….. college, breast, butt, and eyes. She is a beautiful girl on the outside, but very mean on the inside. If I could track down Rusty (a photographer in Detroit) the truth can be revealed

  2. B.Johnson on said:

    As a Woman how can u suppose to be representing Ms.USA and being on National TV disgracing yourself as you have been you’ve been running after a man who doesn’t want you as a wife then you have a nasty mouth and on top of it all you have NO!!!! CLASS AT ALL your very coniving and hateful so Phaedra doesn’t have to do anything to make you look bad cause you’ve done a pretty good job of it on your own I will admit you do have a nice body but that’s all you got going for you I think your jealous of all the other woman cause you want what they have which is Beauty, Class and a Man who truly loves them hopefully they will write you OUT!!! Of the show and help you to get some psychiatic Help because you sure do need some.

  3. Kenya’s nasty inside is spilling out which is why so many fans of RHOA don’t care for her. In denial about how she is nasty, rude and pugnacious she appears. Been reading her blogs and her interviews and you can read between the lines the sarcasm and venom. My opinion in the matter of you and Phaedra is that you are slandering and defaming her character.

  4. redlady on said:

    Kenya appears to be jelousy of everyones’ happiness. For example, when Cynthia renewed her vows, Kenya wondered out loud that should be me, and then proceeded to talk (harrass) Walter into making a commit to her. Can;t force a man to do what he ‘s not ready to do, or more to the point what he’s not interested in doing.

  5. Pouf! "Be Gone" with the wind... on said:

    Ms. Kenya…. Sweetheart, all that verbiage about Phaedra sounds as if you plan on drumming up a lawsuit of some kind i.e. slander, defame, malicious, and harming future business. Smh. You have undoubtedly proven by your many antics on RHOA that somethin’ ain’t right about you! You’re doing good that Phaedra only had words for you after you were so disrespectful in how you engaged with her husband on numerous occasions; insecure and attention seeking is what you are. And to think I once held you on something like a pedestal as an African-American beauty queen. Kenya I believe that I speak for many in saying that your appearance on “reality tv” has been quite unbelievable and disappointing. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  6. Walt, I agree. I don’t watch the show but brothas would put up with a lot for that. Women don’t like her, but I don’t hear many if any men saying the same thing.

    • Pouf! "Be Gone" with the wind... on said:

      As a woman, I will admit that Kenya is a very attractive woman…however if her beauty and booty are so alluring to “men” then why is Ms. Thing still single at 40+??! Let’s be real, a nasty attitude is ugly on anyone and gets old pretty quickly. In 2013 “aint’ nobody got time for that!” lol

      • You are right. The looks will draw, but you must have something to keep them interested. And if you are ugly within, you will only become a pit stop. But then again, the two episodes that I have seen of this show leads me to think that they all are pretty awful. Good thing it’s just an act.

      • show me a single woman over 40 and i’ll show you 10 single women over 40 in f&^^$%%& up relationships…having a man doesn’t necessarily say that you are sane and/or desiralbe.

  7. Kenya, you will never get rid of me! I am yours and you are mine. Okay, I’m not that Walter. As a matter of fact, I would have tolerated Kenya’s attitude for a minute (actually a lot longer). With her rear end grouping, guys have been known to take some abuse. You have got to be exceptionally nutty for a brother to bypass on that stallion booty.

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