Volkswagen’s “Get in. Get Happy” Commercial

Volkswagen has drawn a massive amount of attention to their “Get in. Get happy” ad but not all of it is positive. The good thing about marketing is…all publicity is good! Despite there being racial backlash regarding the commercial’s main theme–a white man parading around town with a Jamaican accent, the spot is doing exactly what it was supposed to do. Raise awareness!

The Buggie car company, released this statement:

“The concept of Volkswagen’s ‘Get Happy’ advertisement is to put a smile on your face, and continues to build upon the heritage of ‘human stories, told simply.’ The protagonist in the commercial is intentionally meant to portray an upbeat perspective and intelligence as he influences his coworkers to ‘Get Happy.’ His accent is intended to convey a relaxed, cheerful demeanor while encouraging a positive attitude as the antidote to a tough Monday. Everyone can relate to being in an office and being ground down by the pressures of work and ‘Get Happy’ brings an optimistic, bright spirit into an otherwise.”

More on this commercial, and what #TeamBeautiful thinks, click here.

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