Reverend Al Sharpton talked with the TJMS this morning on the hot topic of immigration just one day after President Obama outlined his plans for immigration reform.

Sharpton explains why he thinks it’s not just a Latino problem but also how it directly impacts the black community.

Read the full transcript below.

Good morning, good morning.  And good morning to everyone.  Let me say that the President has only been in his second term less than two weeks and has already triggers where his Administration is going.  He started by dealing with this fiscal cliff, saving unemployment insurance, saving a lot of what services we need to continue funding.  He then started the drive for new gun control.  He’s now addressing immigration.  And a lot of people are dealing with two very significant myths about his immigration proposals.

One, immigration is not just a Latino issue.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where people from Jamaica, people from Trinidad, people from Barbados, people from Africa.  The cases I have fought, Abner Louiama was from Haiti.  Amadou Diallo from Africa.  So many of us are saying why is he doing this for Latinos as if we don’t have immigration problems that people are married, raising families, those people will be deported from their children.  Some of them born here never lived in these countries that will be sent back.  So it is inaccurate.

It is also inhumane.  If it was all Latino we should not want to see families disrupted and situations dissolve the exact things that was done to us.  Now, this whole argument about taking jobs from us.  We’ve been doubly unemployed since slavery.  The last time all blacks had a job was when we were slaved and we didn’t get paid.

Let us not blame others for what the economy and the private sector has done to us.  Let us unite with others to correct the economy.  Seventy-one percent of Latinos voted for President Obama.  Politically he ought to remember that.  But morally we ought to be coalescing to give immigrants’ rights our rights and fight for rights together rather than be crabs in the barrel trying to crawl on each other’s back.  We need to unite and take the lid off of where we are caged so there’s room for all of us to spread out.  Let’s not fight each other, let’s unite.  We proved in November we could win that way.  Don’t let them pit us against each other.

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6 thoughts on “Sharpton Says to Blacks on Immigration: ‘Let’s Not Fight Each Other’

  1. Therer are some really great countries where blacks govern… if you don’t want to be here amongst the white folks then you have other options… if you choose to be here, then don’t complain about it. See, when whites got fed up with the Brittish, they moved and created a better life for themselves, they found a new place to call home. It took courage and hard work but they made it happen. I have no doubt that the brilliant african americans in the U.S. could take their knowledge, skills and fortitiude back to Africa and make it a thriving super power. Yes you can, Yes you can.

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  3. ms veenie on said:

    Amber please remain focused. Do not worry what some people will do for. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. That’s what Rev is saying. Let’s stay TOGETHER!

  4. True but lets be real, even within minority group, some minorities are more tolerated/excepted than others. Some people will do for Asians/hispanics/native americans quicker than they will do for blacks.

    • I understand what you are saying but put yourself in the place of hispanics. Do you think it would be okay for “some people” to do for African Americans, Asians, Native Americans before they do For Latinos. Remember that these same people who don’t want Immigrants here, really don’t want us.

      A lot of those poor people risk their lives (literally) to come here and work fields, day labor,cooking and cleaning, caring forkids etc. for a few dollars (literally) to send half to their families and live on the rest. They don’t get health benefits so when they get really sick they have to just go to work, which could affect you if they go untreated. They have to keep their pay on them because people take advantage, rob, etc., them.

      White businesses have been getting richer off these people for years because they don’t want to pay a fair wage to you. They are basically slaves trying to live like Black slaves (who were illegals brough here against their will). Many Blacks, especially in the South still make slave wages even though they may not be in the fields. They have to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.

      And a lot of the mexicans/latinos, etc., born here who have good jobs want to distance themselves from their ‘illegal’ bretheren – those are the ones you are talking about. “Illegals” are going through what our forefathers, fathers, and many of us are going through now. Misery does not love company. Remember this could be us.

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