Today BlackBerry unveiled two new phones on their BlackBerry 10 system, while naming Grammy award winning singer Alicia Keys their Global Creative Director.

Basically a fancier way to call Keys a spokesperson, the superstar will work closely with Blackberry developers, designers, app creators, and carriers to ensure the overall functionality of the phone improves.

Keys who was a self-proclaimed IPhone junkie, explained during today’s press conference how she ended her relationship with “hotter, sexier phones, something with more bling” and is now exclusively dating BlackBerry.

However, before the songstress could even get a chance to bask in her new position people pointed out that just this past week she was tweeting from an IPhone. In her defense, maybe she is still working through that addiction.

Similarly, was named “Director of Creative Innovation” for Intel last year, although it seems like most of his impact is seen in advertisements.

Hopefully, Keys will have more of an important role in BlackBerry’s re-branding. She explained some of her plans during to today’s press conference, saying, “I’m definitely going to start with other super women who also love BlackBerry, and work with people in the entertainment and music business to inspire creative projects. And I want to enhance this concept, or bridging the gap between the work phone and the play phone.”

(Photo: AP)

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