Three signs that the end might be near: 1. Al Roker was actually doing the weather this morning, 2. The Los Angeles Clippers have a better record than the L.A. Lakers and 3. on the topic of lifting the ban of women serving in combat in the U.S. military, I actually agree with conservative former Congressman Allen West!

Like West, I believe that pitting women against men in combat is like expecting women to successfully go up against men in professional contact sports.  Who thinks that’s a good idea?  I’m not in any way discounting the skill, strength, agility, intelligence, or any of the attributes it takes for one to succeed in military combat.  On paper and even in some actual situations, I’m certain that some women could perform as well as or better than some men.

But in an actual combat situation against a brutal enemy, I would not take the risk of women being killed or harmed physically or mentally.

Of course, females who enlist in the military have the ability to  make the decision whether or not to serve in this capacity.  But I hope, when it comes down to it, common sense,  and yeah, compassion will prevail.  I’m all for equal rights, equal pay, equal everything. But women are not built to compete physically with their male counter parts, and especially not an enemy.

Now, someone is going to say, but Tom, there was a time when black men were allowed to perform certain jobs in the military and now it sounds like you’re condoning the same kind of discrimination against women.  To you, I say, “don’t even try it.”

If you disagree with me let me hear your thoughts and more importantly, an alternate solution. In the meantime, in jest, we put together a mock squadron of female celebrities who could possibly give our opposing forces a run for their money:

Naomi Campbell, Brenda Richie,  Lebron James’ mom,  Basketball Wives, Atlanta Housewives, Elin Woods, (bring your golf club) Pilar Sanders, and Deion’s Aunt Laura,  Big Ang from “Mob Wives” and Serena Willliams (bring your racket).

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t want any of those women on the frontlines, no matter how much fight they have in more than I’d want to see the best female football player in the country run up against linebacker Ray Lewis. I don’t have any sisters or daughters, but I do have granddaughter. Perhaps selfishly, I’m looking out for her.  I want her to know that she can grow up to do anything and be anything…but she doesn’t have to prove that to anyone by risking her life.

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24 thoughts on “Allen West, This Time You’re Right!

  1. In fact women have been in battle, I believe women should be able to make the choice as do men. Women are serving as police officers on the streets of this country, in some of the toughest neighborhoods in the country. The same was said about women in police service years ago, come on Tom, Allan West?

  2. I served in the first Gulf War in 1991 and our unit “307th MI Bde” had women, but I still would do all I could to protect them from harm even though we may have been doing the same job, that does not remove me from being a MAN. A man’s job is to protect our women, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  3. Tom, Tom, TOM!!!!

    Now I heard you state your reasons, but I never thought you would go as far as to say:
    “But in an actual combat situation against a brutal enemy, I would not take the risk of women
    being killed or harmed physically or mentally.
    Of course, females who enlist in the military have the ability to make the decision whether or not
    to serve in this capacity. But I hope, when it comes down to it, common sense, and yeah,
    compassion will prevail. I’m all for equal rights, equal pay, equal everything. But women are not
    built to compete physically with their male counter parts, and especially not an enemy.”

    Tom, our female soldiers are fighting alongside our male soldiers and are currently in harms way. Our brothers-in-arms have harmed our female soldiers. Our male soldiers have raped and mentally abused our female soldiers. Rape, is not only physical abuse, but can be just as mentally damaging. When someone (female or even male) is been forced into sex, chances are she/he is doing EVERYTHING in their power to fight against the attacker. Our male soldiers have been captured in combat and with this new law, God forbid, some of our female soldiers maybe seized as well. However, whether it is a male or female, the enemy has no conscious, but will glorify they have captured a U.S. soldier.

    We must remember that sometimes, the “enemy” is us.

  4. Raylynn White on said:

    I agree with you Tom and Steve Harvey. Women can do a lot of things, however, I believe somethings should be left alone. Women should not be allow in combat. Men are suppose to protect woman, not the other way around.

  5. I agree with the mother above who says if she can’t keep her sons off the frontline, then at least she can keep her daughters off of it. I think of it as less of a discrimination and more of a blessing.

  6. Norman on said:

    Hey Tom, I am a Los Angeles Clipper support, please cheer for the Los Angeles Lakers like you did for the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

  7. chris timmons on said:

    I agree with you Tom on this one women are just not built to carry a six feet, 220 lbs man that has been wonded when she is 5’3 or 5’5 it’s just not going to happen

    • stella4real on said:

      So Chris (and Tom), you’re saying there are no men that are 5’5″ in the military? And no male soldier of 150-180 lbs has ever had to rescue a fellow soldier of 220 lbs?? That’s where training comes in – they train for these types of things because everyone (male or female) is different and you may have to help out someone larger/taller than you.

      And no matter what branch of the military you serve in, or what job you are doing, you are trained in some basic combat techniques because THAT’S THE JOB! A woman in the back of a Humvee who’s job it is to inventory supplies and bring them to a base, can at any moment be on the front lines if that Humvee is attacked.

      Keeping women from signing up for (or being assigned) front line positions just because they MIGHT be smaller than someone else in the unit is flawed logic – in fact it’s not even logic! What do you say to the 6 ft tall woman who weighs 200 lbs??

      Sorry guys, you’re dead wrong on this one. Qualified HUMANS who volunteer for military service should be able to do whatever job they are capable of doing – PERIOD!

  8. Other countries, better countries in terms of policy and culture, have women on the front lines and they perform as well as the men. We need to stop being such a misogynistic culture and allow all of us to defend all of us. To those who would cite the bible where it calls women the weaker vessel I say this, context is everything that was speaking in the context of marriage and even then it was in the first century. Any scholar worth anything will tell you that attempting to bring first century sensibilities into the 21st century is foolish.

  9. J. King on said:

    During war women suffer greatly by being brutally raped, killed, and watch their families murdered, maimed or watch her family lose everything, so they are not immune from the effect of men’s war. On the other hand, I do not agree with women fighting in combat. There are a few who think that this is a thrill and something that they want to do without recognizing that going into combat means killing someone who did nothing to them.

  10. I am not responding to go against any women’s qualifications of this job, but as a mother I do “NOT” want to see my daughter on the front line getting shot at anymore than I would want to see my son there to! Although I know there will always be naysayers some people are not voicing there opinion because they think that these women aren’t doing the same job as their male counterparts or that they are not qualified. I know a lady who has 3 children and she was in Iraq, but her kids where left on her aging mother. One of her kids was shot to death and she came home and mentally she has not been the same, yet she says she wants to go back because she was fighting for her country and all I could do was stare in disbelief! What’s about fighting for the two children who have no dad and mom is overseas! Women in the military need to stop being so defensive, because we all know that you know your stuff and we all know that you are good at your jobs and we all know you should be paid and promoted identical to the men. Don’t think for one minute that the people whose claims are always negative toward you, don’t know what the rest of us do! I guess also that most people believe that this war shouldn’t be, so the possibility of you fighting on the frontlines and getting shot at or even killed is something that mom’s especially just can’t handle!

  11. Naomi Brodie on said:

    Tom, I was in “This Man’s Army”. There one thing shooting at targets at the range or night firing. It is another when the REAL BULLETS come back to you. Too much of a distraction for the foot soldiers (The Scouts) to worry about the female soliders in the real. Not good. There are some good females soldiers in the military of all branches. Just not good on the FRONT LINE! Didn’t we go through this with the Burning Bras?

  12. I don’t understand people that make comments about women in the military and the front line and have no experience in the military. Saying qualified women can’t go to the front line is like saying women should not be police officers or fire fighters. I know some men that can’t handle the front line. i guess we should all be baby makers, stay in the kitchen, and be little secretary. Women are dying and have died in combat protecting this country and your right to be free. I get disgusted whenever I hear comments from people who have no prior experience. Yes. I served 14 years in the United States Army!!!! I served proudly!!!!!

  13. Mom's Point of View on said:

    Tom as a mother of two daughters in the military my opinion is certainly biased but I agree with you. I too believe in equal rights for women but this is not about equal rights it’s about doing what is best and smart for those in combat and I don’t think women should be on the front line.

      • soldier girl on said:

        I agree with Keith, I did serve in combat in Afghanistan and it may not of been the frontline but I still saw stuff that no human being should of saw. I dont want to be a grunt not sure if there are woman who do but more power t
        to them. in the wars we are fighting today can you even show me the frontline! the war is all around us and no one wants to see that.

  14. J James on said:

    Tom your statement on women in combat reeks of male discrimination. Oh you want to protect the fragil females. If they can talk the talk and walk the walk, go for it.

    • Unless you have been on a combat patrol carrying a 80 to 100 pound backpack,weapon, spare ammo for miles and or days at a time, your shelter at night consist of what you can provide, using a bathroom any where its covenient like in the bushes, behind a tree etc. did I mention days or weeks without a shower or hot meal or being shot at. Granted, there maybe a few women who think they are men, however unless you have been through actual combat patrol, you know not what you are talking about.

      • Geesh you are one mysoginistic dumb-@ss bastid aren’t you?

        A well trained soldier can do everything you talked about – regardless of their gender. And a woman will do it with less complaining and more weight in that backpack because she’ll be carrying her feminine products too! I imagine that’s what scares you – right??

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