NEW YORK (AP) — Oprah Winfrey’s much-anticipated interview with Lance Armstrong was seen by a total of 4.3 million viewers in back-to-back airings Thursday night on OWN.

But the interview with the disgraced cycling champion drew only 3.2 million viewers for its first airing, an audience that fell short of OWN’s most-watched program: an interview Winfrey conducted with the family of Whitney Houston last March following the singer’s death the previous month.

During the highly publicized program, Armstrong confessed to taking banned substances for all seven of his Tour de France victories, among other admissions.

The second half of the Armstrong interview is scheduled to air Friday night.

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One thought on “Armstrong Interview Draws 3.2 Million Viewers for OWN

  1. oprah winfrey can be a real snob at times, then she acts like she is the only person in the world
    who has had a friend over 30yrs talking about gayle, king,, she is not the only woman in the world
    who has a friend over 30yrs, and I think her interview with toni, was really sloppy, and for her to reprimand a grown woman, she had no right, plus oprah seems like she is always trying to keep those ratings up. so that is the bottom line. its all about ratings for oprah,, she needs tyler perrry right\ now, to kind of save that own network, because it was just a total mess, at first, but now if she gets TP, to start some new producing and really get something out there that we can relate to, that would be a good thing for her, because she truly needs the help. she started off with Rosie O’ donald
    gosh seriously, and then she has Doctor phil, come-on oprah get some real people on there, and some good producers, and writers, OWN would be a hit,, Thank god for lisa ling, and Ms vanszant
    fix my life, is the best Television I ever seen,, And if she shows the color purple one more time
    I think I’m gonna scream,, so Oprah get it together, and keep in touch with tyler perry because you really need him at this point,,, ( GOD bless you,,),, hope everything works out, for OWN,,,

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