Former Rep. Allen West used social media this past week to air his opinion on the Pentagon’s decision to allow women to serve in combat roles in the military.

The Fla. Republican, who served over 20 years in the military tweeted, “Women in combat billets? Another misconceived lib [liberal] vision of fairness and equality.”

The very conservative and outspoken West then continued his rant on Facebook, writing:

On SecDef Leon Panetta’s statement re: opening up direct combat billets to women. First of all, women in combat zones are serving in combat and the new 21st century battlefield means anyone outside of their FOB( Forward Operating Base) will potentially be engaged in a combat situation.

However, to make the insidious policy decision that we shall now open up combat billets to women is something completely different. GI Jane was a movie and should not be the basis for a policy shift. I know Martha McSally, have known women who are Apache and Cobra helicopter pilots, and served with women who were MPs, but being on the ground and having to go mano y mano in close combat is a completely different environment.

I completely disagree with this decision and can just imagine all the third and fourth order effects and considerations for implementation, such as standards for training. Unless the Obama administration has not noticed we are fighting against a brutal enemy and now is not the time to play a social experiment with our ground combat forces. President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, should be focused on sequestration and the failure of his policies in the Middle East. This is the misconceived liberal progressive vision of fairness and equality which could potentially lead to the demise of our military.

(Photo: AP)

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2 thoughts on “Allen West Blasts the Call for Women in Combat

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  2. I wouldn’t want to be on the front line but if some women choose to be on the front line to advance their military careers then they should have that option. I would never want to have to make the choice to kill or be killed. I don’t know a lot of women who can match a man’s strength. I disagree with Mr. West statement that it will be the end of the military.

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