People from all across the country marched the streets of Washington D.C. today to protest, no, to PLEAD with our government for gun control.

They marched holding signs bearing the names of those lost to gun violence. They chanted and cheered for the cause of peace, with many shedding tears for loved ones that flow endlessly regardless of the years gone by since their passing.

Many of the marchers held signs remembering the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Residents of Newtown also made the journey to this historic protest. They refuse to let the deaths of those children and educators be in vain.


Now is the time to wake and shake the establishment and make them see that the culture of guns in this country must be destroyed.

No more loose gun shows, no more Terminator-style weapons, no more NRA lobbyists buying votes.

This march and this rally is about life and it is about people. It’s about our children.

President Obama is moving for gun control and it’s not popular with many folks, but just like healthcare reform, the right thing isn’t always popular.

But if “We The People” want change, then we’ve got to get up, we’ve got to speak out, we’ve got to mobilize.

And that’s why thousands of Americans came to our nations capital today.

They came out of love. They came full of hope. And most of all, they came unarmed.

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