Tom and the crew were cracking up this morning over Chris Paul’s “Morning Minute” about Al Roker, Manti Te’o’s “girlfriend”, and Tiger’s alleged new woman.  Take a listen and share it with your friends!

Read the full transcript below.

This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Manti Te’o has released some of the voice mails that were left him by the man who pretended to be his online girlfriend.  I’m going to play one of those messages right now, and fellas you tell me if this voice would’ve fooled you.  [Rough male voice:  Hey, Manti.  This is your girl Lennay.  I’m just laying in bed with nothing on but my bra and panties.  I can’t wait for you to take these panties off of me.  I promise you you’re gonna go nuts.”

Al Roker is speaking out on mixed weight marriages.  He says that his being fat and lazy and his wife being skinny and athletic caused a serious riff in their marriage.  But now that he’s lost weight they’re closer than ever.  And since he slimmed down for her she started crapping in her pants for him.

Tiger’s got a new boo.  Sources say that Tiger Woods is now dating sexy Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and yes she is white.  And I know all you sisters are asking; what does this white skier do for Tiger that a black woman won’t do?  The answer, she slaloms.

I’m Chris Paul and this was The Morning Minute.

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7 thoughts on “Morning Minute: What Does a White Skier do for Tiger that a Black Woman Won’t?

  1. 10 8 6 4 2 1 zero:
    Come on, Lindsay. In the photos, you are sitting away from Tiger –in standing photos there’s space between the two of you. Get closer: GET SEXIER

    NOW, to ‘shock’ the Hollywood a=xeh oles, I think you should do a “Bill Clinton”; you know “go down” on Tiger’s pee- pee in public (kinda like American Pie’s episode: “American Wedding Episode”. )
    Be sure to wear dark so when you “Lewinski” and drip all over your front–that’ll be an epic story.

    Or if you’re ‘shy’ just take a mouth full of vanilla frosting in your mouth; then go down on Tiger and then when you come up, let that white vanilla frosting ooooze out of your mouth. OUTA sight. WHAT DO YOU SAY???
    “roger, over & out” !!

  2. I’m white & I really don’t know why I prefer Philipino women. They just seem more feminine than white or black women, more loving.

  3. Lenny on said:

    Who cares! MLK’s dream was just this. Be true to yourself and don’t let things like color blind you. Tiger came from a middle class upbringing in a fairly white area in the OC. If that’s what he find attractive so be it.

  4. Boy,this guy refuses to be with anyone woman that is black.Not saying that there is anything wrong with interacial dating but the reasoning behind it is what bugs me.Totally exclude your own race is just sad.

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