Al Green says if things had worked out, it would have been him serenading President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle at the inaugural ball.

Jennifer Hudson sang Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together,” leaving many to wonder why the soul legend wasn’t singing his own hit for the first couple.

In a statement to The Associated Press, his representative said Green had been asked to sing, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from attending Monday’s festivities. Green said he’d be honored to sing for the president in the future.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Obama famously sang a snippet of the song at an event last year that Green attended.

(Photo: Retna)

8 thoughts on “Al Green: Turned Down ‘Together’ Time with Obamas

  1. Look, if AL Green had other plans, except it. believe it or not, if AL Green and other entertainers have schedule plans way before they are asked, they MUST stick to the plans unless it is illness or death in their families. If Al Green did not stick to his CONTRACT, AL can be SUED. Performing for the president is no more important in the eyes of the city/person who Al green already was plan to do and maybe Al was ALREADY PAID to the the gig else where (to sing for the president in that event is FREE and you can not be paid).

  2. Yeah, this does make you wonder what REALLY was the “scheduling conflicts”? When you get the chance to attend and sing for the President, you DROP EVERYTHING!! We may never know, but it must have been a major thing or reason for him to not attend. We just have to take him at his word for now. Jennifer did a great job and looked great!!!

  3. Alright, why don’t we stop this; must we continue to speculate the worst without any confirmation as to what is going in with a person’s schedule? You know conflicts do occur in people’s lives, even when something such as a historical inauguration is happening. So my brethren, unless there is evidence to the contrary, give Al Green and President Obama a break from creating controversy between the two. We have enough of this going on as it is!

  4. Esther Hughes on said:

    It could have been that Al Green being a minister did not agree with the president’s position on same sex marriage If this is true then good for him.

  5. We may never know the “real reason” why Al Green if asked to sing his signature song turned down the offer because of “scheduling conflicts.” Scheduling conflicts can be rescheduled but a chance to sing at Obama’s 2nd inauguration is a one-time historic event. Simply put: Al Green found something on his schedule more important than performing on a stage for the Obamas where the world would be watching and history would be recording the event.

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