What do many Republicans, the spokesmen for NRA and Tavis Smiley have in common? Once they start down a road, no matter how dangerous or ridiculously wrong it is, they won’t turn back.

Tavis’s commentary on CBS News Sunday Morning was both, a tribute to his hero Dr. King and a slam at his nemesis President Barack Obama. This is nothing new. In the words of the great Sunshine Anderson, “Heard it All Before.” Except this time, he took it a bit further.

And I quote: “The president wants to channel King so badly that he’s decided to use Dr. King’s Bible at the inauguration ceremony tomorrow.

Obama is a politician, and a pretty good one, but King was a prophet. And while I can appreciate the president’s fascination with King’s legacy of unarmed truth and unconditional love, I’m feeling some sort of way about King being used symbolically for public pomp and circumstance, but disregarded substantively when it comes to public policy.”

What? The President has a fascination with Dr. King’s legacy? Come on, Tavis.

I believe that Tavis is the one fascinated with Dr. King’s legacy, but more importantly Tavis is fascinated with his own legacy, and that’s not good. He wants more than anything to be remembered the way Dr. King was, and to some how make that kind of mark on the world.

Dr. King wasn’t concerned about how he would be remembered, he was concerned with doing good and doing right. In the end, that made him great. Tavis has done a lot of good things but his obsession with becoming great is destroying him. The whole issue with the inscription on the King Memorial illustrates the differences between Tavis and Dr. King. Days before he was killed, believing that death was imminent, Dr. King dealt with it publicly in his Drum Major speech.

Dr. King knew good things would be said about him in death and he was humbled at the idea of it. Tavis is afraid of what will be said about him and it’s driving him crazy. He points out on the day of President Obama’s swearing in that the President is not the fulfillment of Dr.King’s dream, but maybe a good down payment. I wonder what that makes Tavis, and sadly, so does he.

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170 thoughts on “Tavis vs. MLK

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  3. It is TRULY understandable that Black people are financially hurting but one thing we as a people should know, is that we MUST work hard for ourselves. We have ALWAYS depended on ourselves and having a Black President does not change that or our character. Our strong history has proven that we have not been able to get anywhere without hard work and our own honesty and integrity of that hard work.
    Yes, we vote in EVERY voting session and yes, many of us voted for President Barack Obama. However, it is my hope AND prayer that not one of us voted for President Obama due to his skin color, but voted for him because he was the only one that spoke our language. No, not the Black dialect, but a green one – a color that many of us lack in our pocketbooks/wallets.
    We as a people must not and certainly CANNOT afford to wait for a “magical Obama to do something for us.” Achieve what you THINK President Obama can do for you. Do not wait for him, but instead write your local government officials and tell them how angry you are that “Obama is not doing anything for you.” Additionally, when your local government officials are in in-State sessions, sit in on a few and then you just might learn what a President can as well as cannot do [for you].
    President Obama is no saint; I have never heard him claim to be. Additionally, he certainly is not the Messiah. Again, he has never claimed that either, but instead he has readily admitted his “plentiful mistakes”. And because I KNOW at least some of the powers of ALL of our Presidents, it drives me to do more for myself, my community and culture.

    Do not complain about what President Obama is not doing for you and yours, but use your computer to get the word out: WRITE AND MAIL YOUR LETTERS-OF-COMPLAINT TO YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. (Quick Note: Be PRECISE [in your letters.] Tell them how you can use some of that money that Obama is so frivolously spending. Then sit back, wait, and see what happens. If they receive enough letters, it will help them help YOU!)

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  5. BEFORE President Obama had served ONE COMPLETE year, Tavis Smiley was speaking against President Obama. The show aired September 30, 2009, with Michael Moore as a guest. While Mr. Moore was giving President Obama kudos, Mr. Smiley wasted no time condemning him.
    I cannot speak for President Obama, but I think Mr. West got it all wrong. I do not think President Obama likens himself after the great civil rights leader, but believes and embraces what he stood for. President Obama used Abraham Lincoln’s Bible too, but I seriously doubt he wants to follow in his footsteps.
    Anyone with just a tad commonsense – and I’m not saying Dr. West has none, but there is something to take into consideration – would KNOW that President Obama does not see himself as the great civil rights leader, but as a man (a Black man) who appreciates and embraces Dr. King’s visions. If Mr. West spent time LISTENING to the PLETHORA of speeches President Obama has given, then he would KNOW that. He would KNOW that President Obama views Dr. Martin Luther King not only as a hero, but also as a prominent leader and one to be admired. President Obama has also made it clear that he appreciates and embraces the words of Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Jesus Christ too. From an uneducated view, it appears to me that President Obama views these men as great leaders and that they should be honored for their service. President Obama has never given me the illusion that he sees himself as favorable as any of these men. Everyone puts their hand on the Bible; making an oath to do this and/or that, but as a doctor, Mr. West should know that it is just that: a promise. Perhaps President Obama – just like those before him – believed he could follow through on those promises.
    Mr. West and Mr. Smiley should be ashamed of themselves but I know they are not, as they are too busy self-promoting themselves. Again, they should spend their time and money feeding the poor as well as building and educating those who are unfamiliar with this country’s history. Furthermore, if Mr. West was truly paying attention, then he would KNOW that President Obama can only make proposals; the rest up to Congress. All Mr. West and Smiley are doing is helping the White opposition; giving them ammunition to hound President Obama.
    President Obama could and in my opinion SHOULD implement more to help our Black Brothers and Sisters [in this country,] but he is not the President of just us Blacks, instead he is the President of these divided states. And, with people such as DOCTOR West, it is not surprising that the division remains.

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  7. ewattree on said:

    Poverty Pimp, Inc.

    What Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Boyce Watkins Won’t Tell the Black Community
    Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and Boyce Watkins are going out of their way NOT to tell the Black community that the United States Constitution gives control of spending to the United States House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republicans. So the only way that President Obama can spend any money to assist the Black community is to get the Republicans to go along with him.
    That’s why it’s so important for the president to hold together a coalition of Blacks, women, gays, Hispanics, and every other segment of the American population. He needs ALL of us to place pressure on the Republicans to loosen the purse strings in order for him to get anything done. So anytime you hear Tavis, West, or Watkins pointing their finger at what President Obama is doing for any other segment of the population, they’re doing you a disservice.
    Here’s how politics works – you support me when I need you, and I’ll support you when you need me. So whenever President Obama does anything for other segments of the population, he’s building up political capital so he can help you. But, he doesn’t discuss what he’s doing for the Black community for a very good reason – as Cornel says himself, when it’s convenient, “Race Matters.”
    These gentlemen know full well that if President Obama runs around bragging about what he’s doing for the Black community, the Republicans are going to use that as leverage to tear his coalition apart by telling the women, gays, Hispanics, and others, that he doesn’t care about them. All he wants to do is help his own people, and that message hurts the Black community. Don’t these so-called intellectuals recognize that? If they don’t, they’re dumb. If they do, that means that they’re purposely trying to mislead you. The question then, is why?

    So the fact is, when people like Tavis, West, and Watkins run around telling you that the proof that President Obama is not working for you is that he refuses to throw his fist in the air, these people are working against you, not for you – and they know it. You see, their primary agenda is NOT about helping the Black community. Their agenda is about tearing President Obama down, and that hurts you.
    What makes this so sickening to many of us is, while these “brothers” are telling the people how much they love them, at the very same time, they’re depending on the people’s blind ignorance in order to promote their own agenda. But some of us have been around long enough to have seen this before. This is the exact same tactic used by the “brothers” who were planted inside the Black community by the FBI to sabotage the civil rights movement of the sixties.
    It was called “operation Cointelpro.” The operation involved sending so-called brothers into the community to divide the various civil rights organizations – both, against one another, and within the organizations themselves. In order to accomplish this, the FBI plants would go into the community and convince the people that certain individuals weren’t militant enough. As a direct result of this ploy, Dr. King was the victim of the exact same kind of character assassination as Tavis and West are now trying to use on Obama. The Smiley and Wests of that era used to call Dr. King, “Martin Luther Coon.” So it is indeed ironic that these two individuals are now trying to use Dr. King’s own Bible in a tactic used against him, to now defame Barack Obama. It’s disgusting.
    They’re playing the same old game of dividing the people that kept Black people from rebelling against slavery, and that has held Black people down for over 400 years. The only difference is, during slavery the turncoats would do it for a pat on the back and a new pair of shoes. But today, it involves millions of dollars.
    Just ask yourself, how many millions of dollars would Tavis’ cronies at Walmart, Exxon/Mobile, and the other members of ALEC be willing to pay to bring down President Obama? Let me give you a little insight into that, right out of the mouth of an irate Black Republican operative. In his article, “My Republican Party has Abandoned Me,” Black Republican activist, Raynard Jackson, says the following:
    “For many years, I have approached the party and its supporters about underwriting programs to bring together Blacks who are Republican or lean Republican so we can weave them into every facet of the party structure. The answer is always, no! But, twice this year some of these same people have approached me about funding for some election year tricks that they (White Republicans) have conjured up and simply need a Black face to execute the plan. On these two separate occasions, these funders were willing to spend upwards of $20 million to have me organize a national campaign to identify Blacks who would be critical of President Obama.”
    So there you are, and with that kind of money up for grabs, we would be ridiculously imprudent not to minutely scrutinize the rationale behind every syllable that slips from Tavis and West’s mouth. Because Tavis may be opposed to many things, but he’s certainly not one who’s opposed to making money.
    After Tavis miscalculated his clout in the Black community by trying to punish candidate Obama for failing to come on his show, Tavis Smiley is quoted in “Black Enterprise Magazine” as saying the following:
    “I went from making about $1 million a year in speaking fees to barely $100,000 because people stopped inviting me to speak in certain places,” he recalls. “Personalities like me have a Q rating, and mine dropped lower than Michael Vick’s after the dog fighting conviction. I couldn’t engage new sponsors or get the ones who have been with me to raise their spending levels.”
    The article goes on to say, “So what did Smiley do? He rallied his troops to “stay focused on the work” as he conjured up new ideas and led his team to launch a new radio program, publish a slate of books that became top sellers, and create a traveling museum backed by Walmart, a long-time sponsor, among other ventures to fortify the company. “He kept going full steam ahead.”
    What the article didn’t say was his radio show was financed from the proceeds that he made off the misery of poor and minority borrowers who lost their money and homes after Smiley herded them into the Wells Fargo “Ghetto Loans” scam. . . . MORE


    • Cortez M. Charles on said:

      You when folks make these analogies comparing Tavis to the quasi racist organizations like the NRA what gives??? The folly of those who condemn Tavis and Cornell They are still correct even if they are so called “haters”.!! The you tie anything that Obama does for the black community monetarily that he must get Republicans to agree with him?? You my friend must be Completely FOOLISH to tie the addressing the needs and aspirations to Money from A CONSORTIUM OF Republicans. who DESPERATELY WANT TO STRIP BLACK FOLK THE RIGHT TO VOTE Now willing to do for our community as if the Government can settle all the issues of what Black America needs. The needs and wants agenda is set forth in the Black Agenda book already compiled black serious thinkers out of our community needs to address politically, economically, Educationally and socially. So why do expect this go the Government to give us anything and why should we go with our hat in our hand??? Who compares our Brothers Tavis and Cornell who speaks out on behalf of people of color with the comparative analogy in the Ridiculous manner in which you do sir? Look I love Tom Joyner but he has all of the Political acumen of a shoe, I don’t go to Tom for political advice or commentary; but if you use the public airways to sell Black folk BS then I got a problem with you!!! Firstly, you lie about what it means to have political capital. It has never meant that you have Bi-partisan agreement; it simply means that after the elections that there is momentum going your way and the House or the Senate or massive public Opinion is stacked in your favor!!! Have you ever heard of an Executive Order by which the President doesn’t have to cut a deal with Republicans who never support him doing anything for Black people in the first place!!! I think you are a real Effen idiot for saying that!!! Politics works out on behalf of Groups on CUTTING deals before you get my Support NOT AFTER, WHICH Black folks always seem to do!!! That is why Hispanics Gays and Women and have their moment in the sun because they understand the Political Stratagem!!! If you consider yourself a So-call intellectual STOP, because you fall Brazenly SHORT!!! Black people need to align themselves with an agenda first before making a vote based upon emotions or the silly advise of popular Reverends, talks show host, and radio disc Jockeys!!! How does them holding The presidents feet to an agenda any different than what Jews do in order to gain a political agenda what Gays have done?, They use the AIRWAYS as a clarion call to politicize a Policy or an ISSUE, thus forcing the President or any elected official to act you EFFEN Idiot!!! Keep COINTELPRO out your damn mouth the analogy like everything else is misapplied, no one has ever taken the president character into question it is a matter of POLICY that is under question, the President like all other elected official must be Forced to act and Tavis and Cornell are doing the job of ensuring that some political capital is spent on an issue that has long been ignored “THE POOR!!!”

      • ewattree on said:

        You’ve been totally hoodwinked. So you say that Tavis and West’s only concern is for the poor. What about these poor? As Cornel is so fond of saying, when it comes to these poor people you don’t here either of them saying a “mumblin’ word.”
        Mr. Smiley, do you intend to return the Millions of dollars that you reportedly made from herding poor Black people and Hispanics into the Wells Fargo “Ghetto Loan” scam to the people who lost their money and homes? And Dr. West, In your learned opinion, what is the appropriate course of action for your friend and associate to take, in accordance with the “prophetic tradition?”
        A discrimination lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice, and several articles, including one seeded on Newsvine entitle, “Tavis Smiley – “Ghetto Loan” Peddler for Wells Fargo,” closely associates PBS talk show host, Tavis Smiley, with the Wells Fargo Bank scam targeting poor and middle-class Black and Hispanic borrowers. The article quotes Kelvin Boston, host of “Moneywise, and Keith Corbett, of the Center for Responsible Lending, as calling Tavis Smiley “the big draw” of the Wells Fargo scam. Specifically, the article states the following:
        “Smiley was the keynote speaker, and the big draw, according to Boston [host of “Moneywise”] and Keith Corbett, executive vice president of the Center for Responsible Lending, who attended two of the seminars. Smiley would charge up the audience — and rattle the Wells Fargo executives in attendance — by launching into a story about how he hated banks, and how they used to refuse to lend him money for his real estate projects in Compton, Calif., and elsewhere… But what appeared on the surface as a way to help black borrowers build wealth was actually just the opposite, according to a little-noticed explanation of the “Wealth Building” seminar strategy, contained in a lawsuit recently filed by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.
        “Wells’ plan for the seminars all along was to target black borrowers for higher-cost subprime mortgages, not for wealth-building, the suit charged. And the seminars were a part of the bank’s overall illegal and discriminatory practice of steering black and Hispanic borrowers into riskier and more expensive loans, the suit said.”
        Subsequent to the law suit, Richard Prince reported in The Washington Independent that Smiley issued a statement indicating that he would sever all ties with Wells Fargo until charges that the company steered minorities into higher-rate loans are resolved. The article went on to say,
        “Wells Fargo sponsored Smiley’s radio show on Public Radio International, and underwrote the annual C-Span-televised “State of the Black Union” conference that Smiley organizes. Smiley’s foundation also distributed Wells Fargo materials to young people at foundation events, he told Journal-isms.
        ‘“I cut everything off with Wells Fargo,’ Smiley declared. He said the move cost ‘a lot of money’; he said he did not know how much.”
        On July 12, 2012 Charlie Savage reported in the New York Times that Wells Fargo Bank agreed to pay $175 million to settle the discrimination suit which, according to the Department of Justice, targeted over 30,000 Black and Hispanic borrowers for subprime loans with a higher interest rate than for similarly situated White borrowers between 2004 and 2009.
        What makes it particularly ironic that Tavis Smiley would be associated with this scheme to target poor and middle-class minorities is that Smiley is the primary promoter of what he calls “The Poverty Tour,” along with his friend and associate, former Princeton professor, Cornel West. During the tour, on their joint radio talk show, and on numerous media appearances, Smiley and West have gained a reputation for being President Obama’s harshest critics, indicating that the president is not sufficiently focused, and “accountable,” to the nation’s poor and minority community. . . . MORE

      • Cortez M. Charles on said:

        Please appreciate that I am a wide wake Black Man and if you are going to assail any pimping going on in our community let us be CLEAR that they all do it in some fashion Jesse, Al Sharpton, Tom and if you include Tavis lets through them all in the lot play on the weakness of the Black community, right now Tom runs a commercial that approves of Pay day loans that charge a daily rate of 600% interest and who pays Tom Joyner to air that commercial How much does he get paid to PIMP the Black community. I am not full of stupidity and ignorance of facts. So if you Levy those charges against Tavis which is besides point, because what you accuse Tavis of Tom is also guilty of the same charge but the operative WORD here the POOR is being taking advantage of by the President Obama, Tavis, and Tom!!!

      • ewattree on said:


        You’re obfuscating in order to give Tavis and West a pass. We can talk about anyone else you want to discuss in a separate discussion. Right now, we’re talking about Cornel West, and Tavis “Mr. Accountability” Smiley. The question is, should Tavis Smiley be held “accountable” for his part in the Wells Fargo’s “ghetto loan” scam? Period. Should he return the millions of dollars that he made off the misery of poor and minority borrowers? And through extension, why aren’t he and West saying a “mumblin’ word” about the issue, and what does the fact that they aren’t saying anything say about their credibility and TRUE dedication to poor and minority? That is the issue, nothing else. So let’s remain focused.

      • Cortez M. Charles on said:

        How is that I am obfuscating if the issue is the Plight of the Poor and I could Give a damn about side issue by which you are digressing! Look Here My Man I am Not some out of the Blue Intellectual Novice, I am a Student of HISTORY and HERSTORY, and I only approve of Truth as the Supreme purpose of the reason why I even respond to you!!! The Bottom Line is “Are Black People and Particularly the Poor better off than before the President took office, Please appreciate that I enjoy having a Black President, but when it becomes SYMBOLISM without SUBSTANCE having a Black President is no better than having a Benevolent White one. Politics are about cutting Deals, in order to gain the full protection of Economic, Political, Social intervention on your behalf, name how many legislative bills put forth by the Jewish lobbyist! I will wait, Stop trying to malign Tavis and Cornell when the worst part of them is better than anything that the President has done to US and for Us, The President has only addressed Black people only when it is time for OUR VOTE!!!

      • ewattree on said:

        Cortez, you said,
        “Stop trying to malign Tavis and Cornell when the worst part of them is better than anything that the President has done to US and for Us.”
        I’m sorry Brother, but the facts don’t support your contention. How can you look at the facts regarding Tavis Smiley’s involvement in the Wells Fargo Scam, where 30,000 poor Black and Hispanic borrowers were grossly victimized, and then make a comment like the one you made above?
        I thought I was having a discussion with an efficient thinker, but the comment that you made above betrays the fact that you’re an ideologue. There’s a big difference. Efficient thinkers give truth priority over ideology, and are willing to follow truth wherever it leads, and regardless to whose ox it gores. On the other hand, ideologues give ideology priority over truth, and therefore, willing to distort truth into any configuration that’s consistent with their flawed view of reality.
        For that reason, I don’t waste my time with ideologues, because they’re not seeking truth; they’re simply looking for ways to validate their ideology.
        So you have a good evening, brother. I’m done here.

      • Roco Speaks on said:

        I remember attending one of these seminars Tavis Smiley hosted with Wells Fargo a few years ago. I remember the discussion about economic empowerment. I even remember him commenting that we should be careful not to become tribal in the coming years, but I don’t remember an overt, high-pressured sales pitch to buy a mortgage. I left when it was over and walked out the door. Good thing I got out before they pulled out the guns and started forcing people to sign bad mortgages. What surprises me is that he was able to get 30,000 victms before the word got out about what he was up to. I live in a pretty large area and I don’t recall more than 200-300 people being in attendance. And at least half of them walked out the door when it was over like I did. How Tavis got to 30k and forced them to sign on the dotted line is beyond me. We need to get him. After we get Tavis, we need to get Michael Jordan for making me buy these $200 sneakers that only cost $7 to make.

    • Ewattree!!! Oh my goodness!!! Seriously, I was TRULY moved by your post! As one of the other posters stated, I could not have said it better myself.
      I cannot tell you how many times I have had to tell people that NONE of our Presidents in these divided states has authority over anything; they do not get to make the final decision! None of our Presidents has the deciding factor on any of the Bills we currently have in place. Instead, they initiate Bills and AFTER Congress’ approval, sign them into law.
      Ewattree, again, I appreciate you repeating that it is Congress that President Obama MUST work and often times FORCED to fight with to get things done for the better of The People.
      In a previous online post, I stated that if Dr. King and President Obama are anything alike, it is that they both had/have to face the same animosity within their own culture. Instead of pulling together and standing WITH and behind the elected leader, jealousy and greed takes place and needed as well as required resources are quickly weakened.
      It saddens me that people such as Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and Boyce Watkins are those jealous and greedy folks who REFUSE to WITH President Obama, and thus their alienation weakens the hard work of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.
      Sir, your ENTIRE post emerges from someone who KNOWS and has shared the truth.
      THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!

      • ewattree on said:

        Thank you, CBS. Here’s another truth:

        I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but Dr. Boyce Watkins is closely associated with “Black Blue Dog.com.” His picture is on the front of the site, and his articles are run there routinely. For those of you who don’t know, “Blue Dog Democrats” are “Dinos – Democrats in name only. They’re actually Republicans who simply haven’t bothered to switch parties.
        Now, I don’t have a problem with that. I have a lot of Republican friends, but in light of how aggressively the Republican leadership is assaulting the Black community – leaving no stone un-turned to obstruct our right to vote, for example – in Boyce’s case, I think he has a responsibility to reveal the fact that he’s so closely associated with the Blue Dogs to the Black community. It would go a long way in explaining his hostility towards President Obama. Thus, failing to reveal this information is extremely dishonest.

        Here’s the “Black Blue Dog’s” mission statement:


        About Us
        “Black Blue Dog is a leading website for socio-political commentary THAT REFLECTS CONSERVATIVE VIEWPOINTS [Emphasis added]. Readers tend to be educated and politically conscious African Americans. Issues on Black Blue Dogs are those that affect the Black and Latino communities, from education policy to crime, women, and breaking news.”

      • Okay, I move that this discussion be closed (for the time being). This story is going to continue to be butchered without anyone realizing that there is enough blame to go around. The central question in everyone’s “hateration” should be: How do we fix this and bring Black America Back. At this point in the History (and Herstory) of our Great Blackness, we have no true leader. HOW DO WE FIX THIS?

  8. OK ok ok I am soooo sick of defendind the politician that is this cat that we’ve got in the Whitehouse. Does it seem like things are going to get any better for (keywords) those of us who seem to be inored, oppressesd, hurt, and harrassed everyday? Whats your next question? Exactly! Thats what the heck, or lack thereof, that is the political mystery of the century. Are you freeking blind? Does politics mean exclusionary or am I missing some points somewhere? Ironic too because on my way into work this morning, on the bus because the used car that I bought for myself ahd been a trick and now I am forced to sit through the rest of my life because I keep getting robbed, I’d been treated to all of that again, for the umteenth year in a row. Funny though how much shit you can get away with these days no matter what the situatiion. The more absurb the better chances that you will get away with what seems to be nothing at all. And here we sit waiting for these folks to have all of the sucess that can be bestowed upon a person of slight of hand and mind but the end hasn’t come with the changing of the gaurds. No, just more suffering. What am I talking about TOM?

    • Calvin W. on said:

      A.W. it really sounds like you need not engage in a political debate……sounds like you should see a professional to help deal with your issues. What you have is called “Life”….we all deal with it but we don’t blame it on the POTUS or anyone else because it is what we make of it. The POTUS does not write legislation he only passes it into law. If you need more immediate change you should start by seeking your local politicians. Believe it or not they have a greater impact on your life than the POTUS.

      This forum is simply a debate over the disagreements among Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and President Obama and how it should be handled……it’s all about opinions.

      I’m not trying to be condescending but trying to state the obvious from what you are putting out there.

      • A correction and a brief civics less for you Calvin: The POTUS does not pass legislation he actually signs it into law after it has been PASSED by both houses of Congress. The POTUS can actually write legislation, then send it Congress for passage. Even if the POTUS does not introduce legislation, then he still has a responsibility to ALL of American, including BLACK AMERICA to advocate for them. He has done it specifically for the LGBTs, he has done it and is doing it for immigrants; he has done it for women….SO “AIN’T” BLACK AMERICA AMERICAN?

        Consider the fact that Ben Jealous and others have come out this week and finally stated the OBVIOUS: Black America has suffered worse under President Obama…Worse than under any other president since 1983.

      • You seem to want to tell people to STFU, why don’t you WTFU (Wake for your ignorance). You, Tom, and many others are indicative of the problem here. You support the status quo of Black America simply because he/she is Black. You do nothing to try to bring the people togther as a collective; rather you choose to tear the people apart with your hate-filled rhetoric. I can understand that you might not like my blog (it is probably above your intellect anyway), but don’t hide behind the box and hurl insults. You simply epitomize the ignorance of many.

  9. JediWizdom on said:

    I can recall me emailing Tom about the sickness of Tavis a few years ago. Tom replied in defense of Tavis, hence praising him for all his accomplishments… I love the Tjms! I’m glad finally realized how sick Tavis is… Tavis is no different than Rush, Justice Thomas, Beck, etc. Actually he is worse because he tries to cover his hate with the language of love! Tavis and West can go to HELL!

    • I’m glad you are in awe of the TJMS a show that I listened to religiously for about 10 or more years until 2008 when they decided to simply elect a President because he is Black and give him a pass on any of those issues affecting Black America. How in the hell can this website call itself “Black American Web” with all this damn hoodwinking going on. You all seem to be the ones filled with hate, directed at Tavis…have you read the comments of your other mis-guided negroes?

      • Calvin W. on said:

        You seem angry……do yourself a favor and just “tune out”……..that’s what makes this country great…..choice!

  10. Robert Richards on said:

    Didn’t The King family have to sign off on this by loaning him the bible? If they they had no problem then nobody else should.

    • Just because the King family gave their family Bible to be sworn in with, doesn’t mean that they agree with him. Just as Dr. King would be greatly disappointed in the state of Black America today; he would be equally disappointed in the President’s failure to pick up the mantle to be the next “Drum Major for Justice”. Our current President has been the polar opposite of everything Dr. King has stood for…unless it was for illegal immigrants; LGBT; Women, or the middle class.

      • “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious
        stupidity.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

  11. Russell on said:

    I am tired of Black People (like Tavis) constantly telling Black People, what they need to do about the problems that Black People have. I am sick of it. I was a huge fan of Tavis, until he started attacking people and not ideals. He tried to attach Rev. Al Sharpton, we all saw how quickly he backed down from that. I support the President, because at least he is trying to make a difference, will he, No! Teh country was built of the backs of slaves, and unfortunately it will take a lot more than a black President to change things.

    Don’t talk about it, Be about it!

    • I see that everyone is piling on to the “bash Tavis” bandwagon. How so convenient that all of you have forgotten the fact that Tom and Tavis have never given any President a pass when it came to addressing issues that affect Black and Brown people. However, Tavis decided that he would not give this President a pass on the issue, but Tom decided that he would. How ironic…that we as a people simply accept the status quo. This President has addressed issues with every marginalized group except African Americans, even when 93% of them voted for him. Yet you all want to give him a pass. I voted for this President each time, but that does not mean that I’m not going to hold him accountable for his actions, especially when they do nothing to help our people. Because I am Black does not mean that I have given up the right to be critical of his record. MANY OF YOU MISGUIDED NEGROES NEED WAKE UP!!! No one is askin him to emphatically change Black America, but at least acknowledge the problems that are plaguing Black America and give Black America a damn bootstrap to hold on to.

    • Raleigh Delesbore on said:

      After reading some of the comments on this article, I see why we as a people will never get it together. I can’t tell if we are mad at the POTUS, Tavis, Yom Joyner, West, ourselves, or what. But we have been distracted by cell phones, hair weaves, crack, and those senseless reality shows depicting blacks as idiots.

      • ewattree on said:

        I completely agree. But there’s another very important issue that we refuse to acknowledge – “Bligotry.”

        Bligotry – Black-on-Black Racism. It’s Real!
        In the attached article, I’ve tried to demonstrate, without a doubt, that Cornel West not only lacks common sense and limits, but he’s extremely selective in his disgust.
        West is never short on words when it comes to denigrating high-profile Black people. He’s publicly criticized Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jay Z, and of course, his favorite target, President Barack Obama. But when it comes to his good friend and associate, Tavis Smiley’s, involvement in Wells Fargo’s victimization of the Black community, he’s been curiously silent. Could his silence on this issue be the result of “bligotry” – Black-on-Black racism? Let’s take a look at that issue.
        After the atrocity against the poor and minority community committed by his good friend, Tavis Smiley, which I outline in the link at the end of this article, instead of addressing that issue, West found the time to try to throw ice water on THE most auspicious moment in Black and American history by complaining about Barack Obama using Martin Luther King’s Bible to take the oath of office. Even if West’s criticisms of President Obama were true, the use of Dr. King’s Bible wasn’t a tribute to Barack Obama; it was a tribute to Dr. King. So what is Dr. West truly upset about?
        It is also curious that West’s supporters, the very people who are most critical of what they call President Obama’s “failure to do enough for Black people,” are extremely defensive about what Tavis Smiley has done TO BLACK PEOPLE. Consistency dictates that if they’re angry with Obama, they should be FURIOUS with Tavis Smiley. But instead, they look for excuses to defend what Smiley has done to the Black community. Why is that? It sorta makes one wonder what is the TRUE source of their hostility towards the president. Could it be that, just like White racist, they just can’t stand the thought of a Black man living in the White House? That is exactly the problem. It doesn’t matter what Black person is elected president, it wouldn’t be long before these people would turn against him.
        Thus, bligotry does exist. As we’ve pointed out many times before, Black people are the product of the very same racist environment as White people, so many of us are just as racist towards other Black people as any racist Hillbilly. So in order to address the issue, we’ve got to see it for what it really is. And no, it’s not self-hatred.
        People who suffer from bligotry don’t hate themselves at all, and neither do they, necessarily, hate other Black people. They simply look upon us with disdain, and they think that we’re beneath them. That’s why such people think they’re qualified to tell the Black community what to think in the first place. They’ve convinced themselves that they’re an intellectual aberration that an accident of birth has caused to be held back. So they feel that they have every right to use other Black people to advance themselves to their rightful place in society – thus, Tavis Smiley and the Wells Fargo Bank scam, and indeed, many, but not all, Black preachers.
        Herman Cain described their attitude best when he said, “I’m a brother from another mother.” They think they’re cut from a different clothe than other Black people, and are, therefore, superior. That’s why many such people hate President Obama with a passion, because his very presence is a pie in the face of their delusional reality. And that is exactly the case with Tavis Smiley, and, Cornel West.
        So yes, bligotry is real. Think about it – how many of you know Black business managers who treat White employees better than they do Black employees? Most of you know of such people I would think, because the business community is filled with such people. In fact, many businesses have incorporated Bligotry into their business model – the U.S. Postal Service in particular. They routinely place bligots in middle management to do their dirty work, because they know that it’s next to impossible for one Black person to file a successful discrimination case with the EEOC against another Black person. . . . MORE

  12. Jhezrel on said:

    Tavis has really lost it. Tom, I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. Tavis wants to be admired and respected for his pseudo-intelligence. Tavis will never admit his culpability and will die fighting and trying to convince all that he is only looking out for Black people.
    I really can’t believe he had the audacity to say Obama has a fascination with King. I’m like you, Tom, really? Obama has the King fascination? Tavis is truly loosing his mind and is very concerned about his legacy, which, at this point, I can understand why.
    Tom, the Boyce Watkins, and others can say what they will, but you know Tavis personally, in ways others who think they know him will never understand. Tavis can try and lie to the masses all he wishes, and some will believe the hype. But for those who know him personally, all know that he has lost his way. He will fight till the death, never realizing he has unwillingly, and sadly, become the village idiot.

  13. scribeprince on said:

    My problem is this. It is the same for any sitting president. We as a people cannot and do not have the luxury of waiting for any president to change things for our community. We must be the change we seek~Ghandi. Think about it, MLK, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and all of the people we celebrate as heroes of change, especially people of color took action no matter who was in leadership. They spent more time actively fixing and less time diagnosing. I support President Obama but even more than that I support the advancement of all persons therefore I work hard daily to do what I can working in social justice and change work.

    Obama started out as a community activist and not writing or speaking commentary. When I see the talkers and the writers actively volunteering and working then I will be more inclined to listen.

  14. Tavis Smiley has some real issues. Obama is a politician that is what he does “political science”, MLK did not have aspirations to become a politician. MLK wanted to effectively change the world unencumbered by the messiness of politics, he wanted to change the consciouness of the masses in order to fight the suppressive and opressive politics of that day. There is no way at that time if MLK desired to be President it would have happened. He could effectively provoke change through religion and civil disobedience, which ultimately happened. Obama need the voices of Tavis and West to embrace the new gun legislation design to help eliminate the senseless slaughter of our children. It is damn near impossible to pull someone up while you are falling down! Will, Tavis and West have problems with Obama embracing the work of other civil righta advocats and freedom fighters. When, Tavis and West speak only a select few can understand their content, and when Obama speaks he understands that everyone must understand what he is saying. That may be Tavis and West major issue is that they have lost their ability to communicate with average person. King was a mediocre student when he entered college, and once he realized his short comings he began to study intensley in order to improve his lot. Tavis and West are very intelligent, but lack the ability to relate to the common person, especially the African-American. Great communicators often simplify language to convey their messages to the masses, and if they use complex language they surround it with simple language in order to define the complex language. Enough said, “just sayin”.

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  16. For years I listened to Tavis and started disagreeing with him periodically around 2007. Once he started attacking my president I was done. I have no interest in any opinion of Tavis. I am actually surprised that he’s still on the air, but I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I’m just glad he and Tom Joyner have parted ways.

    • Panama Fresh on said:

      are the critiques he has for President Obama false? if not, what is the problem? i find it hard to believe most of the people complaining about Tavis sharing his opinion in public were all compliant mutes about President Bush and his 8 years of behavior & policy. furthermore we are suppose to critique and hold public discussion about the job being done by the person WE elect into office…so again, why is everyone acting like it’s some sort of CRIME or unacceptable action? some of us Americans are hilarious…we talk about all these freedoms & justice we stand for and support and when someone acts on it we attack him personally instead of speaking specifically about what he is saying and participating in discourse that can factually disprove his points of assertion about the president. i am hearing nothing of the sorts from all the TAVIS witch hunters who seem to think this President needs their protection…all i hear is (don’t talk bad about my 1st black president) in so many words. all so ironic in the context of the fact that this President you all seem to think needs your protection explicitly asked for Americans to do just what Tavis & few others are doing “HOLD HIS FEET TO THE FIRE” – i mean did you guys even listen to his campaign speeches…he asked for it and said it was crucial and needed in order for him to do the best job possible as President. Time for folks to throw out these useless confines of black & white, republic & democrat, liberal & conservative and do what he said hold his feet and every other president’s thereafter to the fire in a united front, and stop attempting to HUSH & character assassinate those that do with assumptions, but instead speak to there concerns constructively. peace!

  17. Mujahid A. Aleem on said:

    I don’t agree with everything that Tavis says because some statements do sound quite bitter. With that being said, I can’t ignore that sometimes he does make valid points. I think the one thing he has stated repeatedly that has validity is the issue of poverty. Obama hasn’t initiated any serious policies to eradicate poverty in America. At least try something. Tackling poverty would curb some of the gun violence in this country.
    I have no problem critiquing Obama when needed, as long as they are warranted. There has to be a balance about Obama, particularily within the African American community. We can’t act like he walks on water nor can we act like he is the anti christ.

  18. I think I understand how TJ feels. TJ gave Tavis a platform for black enlightenment on his show. Tavis became famous and rightly so as he was trying to make black lives better and support for black people, all black people, stronger. Well 2007 election season happened and we had to decide in the primary who to support, Obama or Clinton. To everyone’s surprise, Tavis picked Clinton. It seemed he backed Clinton because she would in turn help Tavis. Obama on the other hand didn’t promise Tavis anythink and did not see any importance in promising Tavis anything. Tavis started using his platform on the TJMS to promote Clinton and disparage Obama. Most listeners didn’t like this and TJ certainly didn’t like it. I believe Tom felt used, as Obama was his candidate and Tavis was using his air to dissuade people from Obama. Personally, I couldn’t understand why Tavis would not be backing another black man. It seems that it was just too much for Tavis to share the microphone with a black man that actually had the respect of most Americans, black, white and Hispanic.

    • Thank you, you were able to timeline what most of us believe and think in such a way it would be that it captured what I believe the majority of us think. Thank you again!!!

    • Renee56 on said:

      Time was that support for black by other blacks was a sign of unification for our mutual advancement. This was 40yrs ago as I recall…But the now held debate about MLK legacy has been reduced to subjectivity rather than the actual subject. Equal rights and mutual respect regardless of our differences is no longer the subject. Pres. Obama happens to be black and has suceeded in achieving his aspired goals, just as each one of us individually should be actively working toward a goal. This Pres. or anyone for that matter is not a ‘Savior’ (that seat belongs to Jesus, alone), but he’s an example of allowed sucess.TJ as well as Tavis are entitled to their perspectives but lets not contiinue to view either with distain. Pres. Obama is not responsible for just blacks, but for all American citizens.

    • Roco Speaks on said:

      I’m not sure I agree with your assessment Jerome. When did Tavis openly endorse Hilary Clinton? I don’t think he ever did. You seem to be leaving out a lot. If I recall correctly, this was at the height of the time Tavis was pushing his black agenda movement. He invited both candidates to his forum. While Clinton (at least) seemed receptive to hearing what black people had to say and agreed to appear at the SOBU event, Obama didn’t want to get into that kind of conversation so he refused to attend. There were rumors that Michelle was offered up to attend, but Tavis said they never did offer Michelle. Honestly, I can see him being critical of a candidate that refused to address black community issues. It may have appeared as if Smiley favored Clinton simply because she would at least engage in the conversation, but he never endorsed her.

  19. bro keith X on said:

    Negroes like Tom, Tavis, and Olmama are just what white-folks been scheming on for centuries, blacks who despise other blacks, and who are loved by certain particular blacks who have media outlets to voice their support or opinions about a certain issue, but what all you nig—s don’t understand is that white-folks put him in office to show the world. amerikkka is not racist, look we got a black president who majority of negroes love & support, but what have this negro done for Black people in particular? Nothing!!! And until you wanna-be ass negroes stop sucking-up and present some facts of his being, I say to you all, suck d–k and die. He had the opportunity to change the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court, didn’t. His appointments to key post have been all white. And down here (New Orleans), he had the opportunity to change the corruption in law enforcement and the racist criminal justice system, and he didn’t. So, to all you bit– type negroes, on this president’s jock, keep it up, you look good bent over. Africans as myself, ain’t looking for a hand-out, just the chance to represent myself as a Man!! And you can’t fight these devils if you have nothing to fight with!! And ya’ll president ain’t put nothing in place for people like me, who put in my work against these animals, but when a president openly supports Isreal, homosexuality, and white-folks, it’s an insult to the genuine people trying to make a difference in this capitalistic country.

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  24. I believe everyone has their OWN opinion but Tavis since day 1 this seems to be a man jealous of another. I do believe in holding public servants accountable, and yes we should not agree with then Sen. Obama just because he is black, well spoken, married to a black woman, etc…but because we are not naive to politics or how the world works we do have the sense to hold him accountable but with dignity unlike you. As my parents say there is a way to do everything but your way to me reminds me of public whippings. Whites don’t treat whites the way you’ve treated the President. We have been used to white people tearing down black men no matter their politics, economics, education, etc… but to see another black man do this just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I don’t agree with everything the Pres. has done but that’s normal,I have my reasons and know he had to grow into this job and what came with it but to see Tavis do what so many white people have done over the years is just appalling. I lost respect for him as I saw Him, Tavis become the green eyed monster for the sake of black people. Well not ME! Travis burned his bridges with Pres. Obama and knows he has no way to get a foot in the door so now lets ruin his legacy. I believe Tavis began looking out for Tavis just as Tom said and Tavis’ legacy. I admired Tavis when it was about black people but like most who fall from grace, they become selfish and it becomes about them. Tavis you haven’t walked in the shoes of Dr. King or those before or with him, nor have you walked in the shoes of a young man by the name of Barack H. Obama and TRUST ME his walk had to be ordained by God because I don’t know any man that could have done it with such grace and dignity as he, especially NOT Tavis. I pray that you find your footing, it would be senseless to see you start off with the people with you to then see them asking, Tavis Who?????

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  26. I am sick and tired hearing about poor people.Who are poor people ? Why are they poor ?.And what is President Obama got to do with it..What do you want him to do for you that you can’t do for yourself

    • princetonya on said:

      Thank You!! I have been poor and I had to educate myself to change that and I did this during the Bush administration. No one could have helped me by giving me a full scale handout. What you learn by accepting the tools from others helps you to get away and stay miles away from that poor house you used to live in. Tavis, West, etc. need to get out of the VIP seats and help figure out and build tools to help the poor.

  27. arlester jackson on said:

    hi well i like travis i feel he a good person, but like tom said yesterday on his program all the thing that j,sibyal and tom did for the cause was great. i hope that we all have open minds so we can understand our brother not judge him.

  28. Jobeycarl on said:

    Walt that was well said and I agree! One thing Roland Martin said that I agree with and remember. President Obama is the Commander and Chief. The black community needs to treat him as such. We need to demand the same things from him as we demanded from other Commanders and Chiefs. If we fail to do this we deserve what we get, even if that’s nothing. Sitting back and waiting for the President to address our needs is self defeating. We need to hold Mr. Obama accountable for what he fails to do in addressing our needs just as the NRA, Banking, Gay rights and other organizations are doing.

  29. I listened to Tavis and Cornel West regarding their opinions on MLK and it makes sense.. It is not a Tavis versus MLK. It is Tavis trying to get America to see that when one speaks about MLK, Jr. it is more than “lets come together.” It is Tavis’ opinion that Pres. Obama was not addressing the ‘spirit’ of MLKs whole message, which was to eradicate poverty, the humanity of what we do and to speak out more strongly against social and economic injustices. Tavis, in his speeches, that I have heard, challenged Pres. Obama regarding polices during his Administration that lift the poor out of poverty and the humanity of using drones in the Middle East that have killed many innocents. Tavis questioned if using MLK’s bible was more about timing than about representing what MLK, Jr. truly stood for. Would MLK, Jr. support what is happening in the US with poverty levels of that are near those during the Depression era? Would MLK, Jr. support using drones as a weapon in the Middle East ,when he vehemently opposed the Vietnam War, which lost the support of black institutions such as the NAACP, Carl Rowan and his country? Tavis is simply saying that MLK, Jr would have a different agenda than the current political agenda. If one would to read all of MLK’s speeches and what he stood for, there is merit to what Tavis is trying to get across. I think Tom Joyner has missed the mark and not doing his homework regarding the legacy of MLK and what he taught. It was not just “I have a dream”. MLK made many other speeches about how we, as humans, treat our fellow man. The last speech that MLK, Jr. was scheduled to give prior to his death was “Why America MAY go hell.” We, as Blacks, don’t have to all agree about how we do what we do, but respect a different perspective.

  30. anistasia03 on said:

    It is like everyone who thinks the “black” president owes the black community have been lying dormant over the past 10 years. Some of us would have liked to see social issues important to our communities addressed more intimately by whoever was in office.

    I am curious to see what the conversation will be like and where everyone is after these four years are over and we get back to business as usual with a white president.

    • If Obama is for all the citizens, then why is there no conversation that includes poor people. All I hear is, middle class… wealthy. No plan of attack is assign to alleviating the pain and suffering of the poor and needy. He has spent four years on the economy for the middle class (so they can earn and spend to support the wealthy). There must be inclusion of poor people. This is not triage, where you simply allow the poor to waste away, because you don’t think they can make it, or contribute to the whole.

      Obama is the President, the Commander in Chief, and a black man that must understand that the prison problem (and its impact on the black community) is just as important, if not more, than that of women in combat and gay marriage. He has an obligation to address some of the issues that concern black people… if inclusion is what he is about.

  31. shoe~diva on said:

    Tavis claims he is holding the President accountable. Who is holding Tavis accountable?

    It was Tavis’ “Financal Empowerment” tours/symposiums that helped steer many “poor” black folks into sub-prime mortgage loans backed by his sponsor Wells Fargo, one of the worst violators in the sub-prime mortgage crisis. It was Tavis who reneged on his $1M pledge/donation to Texas Southern University. A donation that would have helped black students at a HBCU communications school which was named in his honor. It is Wells Fargo & WalMart who sponsors Tavis’ “poverty tours”. What have those tours accomplished? How has Tavis helped the poor he claims to care so much about? Who is holding Tavis accountable?

    Tavis’ agenda is, and always has been, financial gain for Tavis. He has become a bitter person and has had his panties in a bunch ever since he lost the position Hillary promised him for delivering the black vote. That bitterness finds its outlet in criticism of the President, which is also financially lucrative for him. Win/win for Tavis.

    I agree with Tom.

    • Sharon G Boone on said:

      I agree with Tom Joyner;s comments on Tavis Smiley. I no longer watch his show, I no longer respect Cornel West, either! They’ve become 2 “stick in the muds! Tavis has made it KNOWN that he has
      a humungus grudge against someone who didn’t CAVE in to his commands that now Pres. Obama appear on his “State of Black America” like Mr. Obama needed to be “anointed” by him! Who does
      Smiley think he is? Just someone with a talk show. He is NOT Oprah! Anyway, The PEOPLE re-elected Mr. Obama, NOT Tavis Smiley and as my mother would say, he’s a credit to our race! If Smiley voted for Boehmer, he’s a SELLOUT!

  32. Tavis is an increasingly pathetic and irrelevant creature of no weight, merit, or stature. How appallingly bitter he is!

    Tom, on the other hand (and, most certainly, The President of the United States)? Creating LEGACIES, Building FUTURES, Living in LOVE.

    We all see how shriveled with animosity and devoid of goodness Tavis has become. You would think that he’d have a little pride or shame. Alas: he has NEITHER.

  33. GL Hunter on said:

    If Tavis is truly inspired by the teachings (life experience and moral consciousness) of Dr. King Jr.; then he would practice “unconditional love” for President Obama, while continuing to press for social/economic/political and judicial justice for all people. However, I wonder if Tavis has lost all sense of reality, relative to complex situations and circumstances.

    This is a simple analogy of what President Obama faced when he first took office: The train has jumped the track from the locomotive to the back. In order to move the cars from the back to the front, you must first get the locomotive back on the track. The locomotive represents the banking and auto industries, among others; and, the box cars in the back represents poor black and other poor people. Nothing is going to move without getting the locomotive back on the track (the most difficult task at hand). People often take shots at other people in positions of “power” without really knowing the real dynamics of the task at hand. It’s one thing to champion the rights and conditions of those less fortunate; but it’s quite different to criticize the work of others in the name of those who are less fortunate. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. I don’t recall Dr. King, Jr. ever exhibiting envy; but I wonder about Tavis and his sidekick West.

    • Why is it always necessary for poor people to wait while the locomotive, bus or whatever analogy you choose to use, get going before they are provided assistance? People always buy into the notion that the wealthy must come first? No, the poor and those that are hurting the most should come first. We should do for the least. But Obama humanism has turn out to be far greater than any president we have had. His sole intent is for those seeking promotion, advancement, and other selfish motivated goals. We live in a society that values the individual and not the whole. One that is about achievement than quality of life.

  34. I wish Tom would quit talking about Tavis. If he’s so concerned about him, why doesn’t he reach out to him in private? But constantly mentioning him over the past weeks has only served to make HIM look bad. Why can’t someone criticize the President? I think that the black community – the whole community – needs both Tom and Tavis. I do think that Tom is a bit too UNcrtiical of the president, but that’s fine. We need that voice in the public. But we also need someone who holds the president accountable. Tom should be a grown up and either try to improve his relationship with Tavis, or be quiet and just move on.

      • Well, since this is Tom’s blog and not Tavis’, I don’t see the irony. (Not that I except Tom to be reading this.)

      • Calvin W. on said:


        I think you are smart enough to figure out how to get a message to Tavis……who knows, maybe he is reading Tom’s blog. My point is that you aren’t making the effort to hold Tavis to the same standard you are trying to hold Tom to.

        Not that I disagree with your point, but it should be applied to both or none.

      • What I should also have added in my last response is that I haven’t seen Tavis say anything about Tom. I watch his show on PBS most nights (and listen to Tom’s show almost every morning) and Tavis doesn’t go out his way to bring up Tom at all. So I honestly don’t think that Tavis needs the “can’t we all just get along – at least in public” message.

      • I misunderstood what you said, so disregard my previous response to you Calvin. Why should I send any message to Tavis about the president? As I said in my original post, I think that there should be room for both Tom’s lack of criticism, and Tavis’ criticism, the public dialogue about the president. I don’t have a problem with either. My problem is Tom’s continuing to bring up Tavis on the his show. Yes, Tom calls out other people who are critical of the president on the show, so I guess it’s fair to do it with Tavis. But his jabs about Tavis are more personal, and I don’t think that that has a place on his radio show.

  35. How Tavis statement and thoughts on Obama have become an indictment on Tavis is amazing to me. Tavis may be a little full of himself, but his sentiment regarding Obama is on the mark. We all (well most) were extremely happy to have the black man become president. But what have he done for not only blacks, but poor people. His (Obama) sole conversation is about the middle class and the wealthy. Not speaking of the poor suggests that poverty somehow has been eradicated. Dr. King was not only a champion of justice, and the plight of black people; he also cared deeply about the poor–perhaps that was his greatest concern. How can anyone compare Obama to Dr. KIng? Don’t get hung up on the messenger. The only minority/outside group Obama has champion has been the gays. Someone remind him that black people, the poor, and the disenfranchised are still hurting.

  36. B Gilchrist on said:

    Tavis reallyt need some psychologiocal help. He needs to run to a therapist. He is on the wrong side of history in reference to President Obama. . He thinks that he owns Dr King legacy. I feel so sorry for him because is distrubed. He needs to take out this hostility on his id.Mother & Stepfather for the things they did to him as a ch

  37. Odessa on said:

    One thing I hate about our people is if you disagree with something or someone you are HATED by everyone. I LOVE our president BUT I don’t agree with everything he does, most of it yes. That being said, I will say this and if you don’t agree with me, too bad. I hate this war going on between black America and Tavis and other blacks who agree with him. He has the right to his beliefs as we do BUT most of us take it as if he was talking about you. If you disagree with him, then disagree BUT he has the right to say and feel the way he does, like you have the right to say what you say and I will defend all of you TJMS AND Tavis. Ya’ll remind me of elementary kids who hang out together and one person gets mad at someone then all the kids are made at them to. We have come too far to act like we do (white people are eating this up), let’s all agree to disagree and support our president and his cause but let’s also agree he is not God and does make mistakes.

    • Rhett Bogan on said:

      Humans are emotional creatures and will respond the way they feel most of the time be they black ,white or whatever. Just like you said you “Hate this about out people. That’s how “you” feel. Don’t try to dictate the way anyone else feels if you don’t have a handle on your own feelings. And while you’re at it try to learn something about human nature.You many not like this but “You’ remind me of a human being. but I guess to let you tell it you’re from another planet…Think before you post next time..

    • catlady777 on said:

      I personally support President Obama and do not have a Stepford Wives mentality that he is God. Tavis has a right to his opinion. Timing is often everything. Would it have been too much for him to wait until after the inauguration weekend to put on his “ongoing hater performance” regarding President Obama? Tavis has displayed a petulant behavior in how he has gone about criticizing President Obama ever since the Senator Obama did not stop his election campaign to appear at Tavis’ conference. I am glad President Obama chooses to ignore him until he act with some respectful decorum. I appreciate all opinions even if they differ from mine. I do not appreciate rudeness. And rude is how Tavis has conducted himself.

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