Bishop Larry D. Trotter out of Chicago is facing a lot of scrutiny after he posted a photo on Instagram with his 4-year-old granddaughter.

Sounds innocent right? Well, it was where the photo took place that have people upset.

In the photo, Trotter is smiling in a bubble bath with his granddaughter. Many people believe the photo is inappropriate and disgusting; while others say it is just an innocent photo of a grandfather and grandchild.


Trotter is a Bishop for the Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago. No word on who took the photo but people are claiming the photo was taken by Trotter’s daughter, the mother of the small child.

What do you think about the photo? Do you think it’s inappropriate or do you agree it is an innocent photo?

160 thoughts on “Chicago’s Bishop Trotter Poses in Bathtub with 4-Year-Old Granddaughter (PHOTO)

  1. This picture aside, ONE of the reasons we have such a high rate of sexual perversion and sex crimes in the U.S is because of American views on sex and nudity. Europe is far less rigid in their views on sexuality and the human body and their statistic on sex related crimes support that. I went to a day spa/resort here in Calif, they had this big huge sauna room.. there were women in there from Europe. The American women were all bashful and shame trying to hide even behind the bathing suits they had on.. The European women took their tops/clothes off like it was nothing. I’ve traveled and been to many different parts of the world and I see this them repeat itself over & over again. Americans sexualize EVERYTHING.

  2. Leander Williams on said:

    As a Bishop and a Pastor, this picture is a monumental lapse of good judgement. The shepherd of a flock is held to a much higher standard. He is expected to lead by example. The bible says there is no just man on earth, that doeth good and sinneth not. Eccl: 7.20. We have all sinned, but a Bishop should be reminded to read 1 Timothy 3:1, where it gives the qualifications of a bishop. None of us can sit in judgement, but I would remind the Bishop that little things in the life of a minister will be magnified. Let us pray for this man of God to remove the controversial photo, and he only has to answer to family and his congregation. And, yes, I too am a minister.

  3. Cleopatra on said:

    This was a taught less act!very inappropriate to post ,no matter how innocent I mean its not a pool common sense is not so common any Moore

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  6. Cocoapuffs on said:

    I never took a bubble bath with my grandfather nor with my father. I do find this to be inappropriate, but it doesn’t mean there is anything inappropriate going on.

  7. @Abdul Khabir…first of all, is your caps lock key stuck? Second, any geezer that old should know he shouldn’t be in the bath tub, apparently naked, with a 4 year old child. And, since when does mom come into the bathroom with dad in tub to take pictures of her little girl in the tub with her grandfather. You obviously know it’s wrong since you’re the one screaming “child molestation”, etc.. I don’t know what they do where you come from, but right here, right now, grand dad and whomever took that picture look very suspect. I just want to know what the little girl’s father thinks about the picture.

  8. My guess is that this is 100% innocent. I took a bubble bath with my daughter years ago. I had my swim trunks on and her mom was there as well. I would not have taken a picture of it and I would never post such either. But I believe the act is innocent. His wife or the daughter’s mom probably took the photo. People just would rather think the worst.

  9. Vincent K. Walker on said:

    Are you people crazy. Stop drinking the panic at anything kool-aide. This is agrandfather and his grand-daughter. This is not a reflection of his illness but a reflection of where we have evolved too. Please stop this madness, pretty soon if a father hugs and kisses his children he will be attacked. Stop this gender madness and realize that it is okay for a man to show physical affection for his family. Not everything is sexual you idiots.

    • I just love to see Fathers and Grandfathers be affectionate with their grandchildren, but not what appears to be naked and in the bubble bath. Can you tell me why would this 50 plus year old man want to take a picture with a 4 years old in a bathtub? This is sick no matter how you look at it.
      Especially with a four year old girl.

  10. unknown on said:

    It sicken me to see that,,,hope that action is bring taken if it need to be…but I prayer that nothing is to worry about…:-)

  11. This man should be investigated for a past of child abuse. The look on his face makes me just ill.
    I would like to know the purpose of taking the picture and for sue the reason for posting it. What ever church he is Bishop in they need to rethink that title or did he just give it to himself. I have counseled with toooooo many children, who are still suffering the life long effects of sexual abuse. I hope the proper authorities get a look at this picture. Just plain sick. If the mother of this child this picture, just maybe she has some Real problems too. My prayer is for this child.

  12. Why is it assumed that a man with a religious title should have ‘really’ known better. Every person is subject to making a mistake, a mistake because the action wasn’t thought through given the times we live in today. I think you should ponder it before you post it. And yes it was innocent. It is in the same arena where I used to squeeze my daughters, and my grand daughters little behinds when I hugged them. But at some point you have to rethink it. It just won’t look right.

  13. I cant assume this is ill intent. I would rather think it’s innocent, but the world we live in automatically thinks somethings not right here. I just don’t see him posing like that if he was up to something unspeakable then posting it online. Unless he is a known pedophile, or really sick in the head.

  14. I see a lot wrong with that photo!!! I have NEVER been in the bathtub with my father and I know we were close. He always made sure I took baths in private. Another Truth comes out about a Minister>>>Child Predator …Some of you young lady who associated with him at younger ages think back….

  15. Crown lala on said:

    Some people are so stupid, but a man leading a flock shouldn’t be so. I don’t see any anything suit on the child which makes this inappropriate regardless if he has on trunks or if they are in a hot tub or not, which this looks like a regular tub. How stupid to post the pic with the profession ur in. Maybe his daughter posted it but she should know better too. There may be no wrong doing going on here but some things u keep private. I personally feel that a 4 year old should know how to bath them selves and don’t need an adult IN the tub with them. I’m sure this wouldn’t have been this big of a deal if the pic was only of he child but he being in there looks perverted. And the child’s mom may be too. Know one knows if good or evil is taking place in that household but them and God. Personally, I stopped bathing with my child when she was about 3 and asked why my body looked different than hers. This is just like if I took a pic of my preteen daughter and my boyfriend in only boxers sleeping in the bed together and posted it. Of course it people will think whatever they want but they won’t know that I originally was between them and they fell asleep while we were watching a movie together and the only reason we were watching it in bed was cause the living room tv broke, or she was sick and climbed in bed with us while we were sleep or……BUT IF U DON’T WANT THE DRAMA OF PEOPLE QUESTIONING AND JUDGING U THEN USE BETTER JUDGEMENT WHEN POSTING PICS OF UR PERSONAL LIVES. I think he’s a perv tho cause he looks like he’s having too much fun and there is no reason I can think of for him to be in there.

  16. Gina Johnson on said:

    I think it is innappropiate especially being a female child. There is really no reason for him to be taking a bath with her.

  17. I think people don’t think , it was inappropriate to be in a tub with any child. When my children got a certain age they wasn’t. Allowed to even all sleep in the same bed with adults. The bible says don’t let your good be evil spoken of , now the enemy has trick the Bishop. Now ask God to forgive you and do your first work over. If you allow certain things to go on in your church and just ignore it , God is going to expose you to the world “Bishop”

  18. Jamaica on said:

    Maybe this was a hott tub n he does have on trunks… It’s him his granddaughter n someone else taking the photo, so this maybe a family hott tub”

  19. Corwin on said:

    The bible says to shun even the appearance of evil and in that the Bishop has errored. It is not known if the baby wanted to get into grandpa’s water and grandpa said ok just for a moment and the daughter said, oh let me take a picture. Then immediately the child was removed from the tub.

    There was a woman caught in the act of adultery and Jesus asked the accusers who were sin free to kill her and no one did and Jesus said there were none left to accuse her and neither did he, to go her way and sin no more.

    There is no sin commited in the picture we see and yet we have passed judgement.

    Let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus.

  20. Older folks think this is cute and the younger ones think it’s bad. Pretty soon taking a picture of a baby naked on a bed will be offensive, and there are millions of babies with pictures like that, just wait til someone like Beyonce’ post a picture of her baby nude in a blanket and the whole world is gonna lose it, that’s the way the world is going, everything is gonna take on a negative stance. It just goes to show we all have opinions about every damn thing which is our right. You have a right to like this photo and you have the right to hate it. If his daughter took the picture, then that should have been the end of the conversation, she already knows there was no harm. And don’t forget people do anything these days to get in the news. I can see them on Ricki Lake, Maury, Oprah etc.

  21. There was a time when a picture like this would be ok, but we’re living in a time where a lot of people are perverted, and innocent people like the Bishop is subject to it. A proud grandpa with his granddaughter shouldn’t be perverted, but it’s the way some people think, and him being a Bishop, I don’t think they thought this through when the picture was POSTED! We trust God and pray that this was only a misguided attempt to be “cute”.

  22. I don’t care if he has jeans on under the water. What is the point of taking this type of picture? It doesn’t make any sense at all and is totally inappropriate and flat out stupid.

    • Gladys on said:

      I agree, Lisa– Very inappropriate even if he was wearing a pair of jeans as you stated. What could they have possibly been thinking? Regardless of how innocent– this is not something to do at any time– today or 20 years ago. Why would this be necessary?

    • The mere fact that some people on this thread see nothing wrong with him posing in the tub naked with a four year old child is absolutely ridiculous. Why would a grown man want to take a picture in the tub with his four year old granddaughter let alone post it on the internet? I am a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. My son in law would never bath with my granddaughters naked let alone take a picture of him doing so and post it. Would you do it? Would you bath naked with your child and post it on the internet? Why would he want to share this picture with the public?

  23. derica mcdaniel on said:

    Did anybody possibly consider the fact that he could have possibly had shorts or swimming trunks on? I agree the girl is a bit old to be in the tub with him but it could have been something so innocent but yet blown out of proportion.

    • SCTravelRN on said:

      Whether or not this grown man has shorts on is completely irrelevant. Does the girl also have on shorts, and where’s her shirt? What would the rationale be to take and then post a picture that appears to reflect them both in the nude?? Either way, he exercised extremely poor judgement. The focus should be on protecting the innocence of this baby, not on the justification of the actions of this overgrown man. There are valid reasons why so many people are outraged over this situatuon.

      • Gladys on said:

        I concur with you, SCTravelRN. There is no sound rationale for this. Certainly poor judgment, and you would think the person taking the photo would have thought better of this as well. And why was it posted? Looking at this from a Child Protective Service view- it is inappropriate, and if CPS should be called– they would certainly be within their rights to investigate the referral.

    • This cat wasn’t thinking, he did this to get attention and guess what you did ,and i hope something be done about this and wat is this world coming to, peoples dying and satan on the lose, the grandmom need her head examine and the daughter, like the other post said wht will this baby say when she gets older, we don’t know cause this old fella might be long gone, but god will have questions for him trust me, cause he down here trying to tell folks about the lord and he down her taking nude pfotos with a innocent baby, and what make it so bad they got her photo so u can’t see her what have they got to hide, thats guilt there, some bady help this family, And his church should be close,for that. only god can and will judge him. he better start bending them knees and start repenting.

  24. Grown men should not be bathing with little girls its inappropriate, and unsanitary. Adults carry germs and bacteria that children should not be exposed to. also its very inappropriate for a adult male to be nude around a female child especially a Bishop. What was he thinking??????


      • Gladys on said:

        This was inappropriate– Thus far, yours was the first that I saw mentioned of “sexual or child molestation.”
        I would venture to say that when you slept with your daughter on your chest, she was an infant, very likely under the age of 2 or 3, because this is the age that I know many men to sleep with their son or daughter on their chest. It is not only bonding but sometimes the only way they may be able to get the child to fall asleep. In all cases, the child is usually clothed, even though the father “may” be bare-chested.

      • Where u r from Abdul, you all eat your kids..So what comes out your mouth shouldn’t surprise us!!!
        you all allow your grown kids to suck on mothers breast as long as they want..Something is wrong!!!!

  25. I agree with most of the comments its just wrong. I have two grandkids (boy and girl) I let them take their baths in private (I am close just in case) and when its time to get out I hold the towel up for my grandson wrap the towel around him make sure he gets out safely and then I am gone again. The next time I see him he is in his pj.

  26. Stephanie Davis on said:

    I don’t care what the relationship is, a grown man does not bath with a 4-year old child. He is nude, exposed genitals and all. Totally inappropriate! I don’t care what his title is Bishop or not, grandfather or not, mother taking the picture or not. It just is not right! What has the world come to when just because someone is a pillar in the church that this is appropriate behavior? That is what makes it even more inappropriate!! And if the mother of the child did take the picture, it makes one question her morals and values as a mother that you would let your child bathe with her nude grandfather. So, it makes you wonder did he bathe nude with her as well?

  27. I don’t think it is the same person in both pictures. The noses are not identical. Regardless, the picture is inappropriate and should not have been shared with the world, unless someone was trying to tell the world something about the preacher. We should not jump to conclusions and make him a child molester until a full investigation is done. He is entitled to the benefit of doubt, innocent untill proven guilty. So many of black people have been wrongly accused and some killed without evidence of crime. I am sure the picture is not evidence of act of molestation, especially with a third person taking the pic, unless the third person is an accessory to crime.

  28. Shawn Fields on said:

    Im speechless,clearly that’s uh bit much i mean where im from u just don’t do things like that im sorry but i think that definitely uh RED FLAG!!!!

  29. A bath should be private except between a husband and a wife. Grown men and little girls should not be bathing in a tub or for that martter little boys.

  30. Surely folk can’t be that stupid? Stevie Wonder can see he is the one taking the picture on his cell phone and posting it through instagram. The arch in his shoulder comes out this way when you lift your arm in the air… above your head. he is clearly taking the picture.

  31. Tammie L. Murphy on said:

    With everything that is going on in the world today, you have to be very careful, about the way you take picture and with whom. This doesn’t look wright, even though, the mother of the little girl, was there and took the picture, and it was for fun. You just can’t do this, expected people to not think the worsted of it. It hurts when you live life right and is there for your children and your grandchildren, and its taken in a bad way to hurt a good person and a good family. I pray everything is worked out for the good.

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