Bishop Larry D. Trotter out of Chicago is facing a lot of scrutiny after he posted a photo on Instagram with his 4-year-old granddaughter.

Sounds innocent right? Well, it was where the photo took place that have people upset.

In the photo, Trotter is smiling in a bubble bath with his granddaughter. Many people believe the photo is inappropriate and disgusting; while others say it is just an innocent photo of a grandfather and grandchild.


Trotter is a Bishop for the Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago. No word on who took the photo but people are claiming the photo was taken by Trotter’s daughter, the mother of the small child.

What do you think about the photo? Do you think it’s inappropriate or do you agree it is an innocent photo?

160 thoughts on “Chicago’s Bishop Trotter Poses in Bathtub with 4-Year-Old Granddaughter (PHOTO)

  1. Just another so-called preacher gone bad! This is wrong on so many levels. Where was this baby’s mother? I wonder what part of the church teaching this came from. Mr. so-called Bishop, I wonder what your congregation thought of this photo, “Oh, i regress, it seems to me that many of these false prophets continue to preach to a bunch of brainwashed followers. It would behove someone in this family to call the child abuse hotline.

  2. Stephney Johnson on said:

    This is not normal behavior under any circumstance. Any normal grown person would not do this, this says alot about his mental capacity. I believe there are some distubing tendecies surfacing and he needs some psychological help.

    • I agree with you Stephney this is not normal behavior, I was wondering shouldn’t social service or human services or the police be investigating this, why? is this man not being investigated or her mom, what is happening here. something is really wrong with this picture.@J.C there is nothing with being nude, we came in the world nude and we will leave nude. but this is something different this is not normal behavior for a pastor to be sitting in the bathtub with his four year old grandchild, and why would someone want to post it on social media like its, the right thing to do, there is a time and a place for everything. and this was not the place or time to even think of exposing himself with this young child, now what is going on in the household that would make them think that this is OK,,dont’t be fooled by man’s Defiled ways.

  3. Wow! That all i keep saying. My grandmothe told me once, i can remember a long time ago it was 80 degree on christmas. She said to me, we won’t be able to tell summer and fall the good or the bad. now come on, that picture with a grow man in the tube with his 4 year old granddaugher in not innocent. I keep on saying to my self why was the door left open, your bathroom is private where you do your private business. We have to trust in god that there is another place out there a better place where there will be no more crime, no more working, no worring about this and that where my next meal will come from. when you see something like this it is a outrage. I sometime wish i could put my kids right back inside of me and have no worries. Now all we have is the lord, those sinner they call preacher have to answer to him and only him Now this is so sad!!!!!!

  4. Holy Moly. He call his self a man of god. baby that is a pervert, a real preacher would have not even let his grand daughter or son see him in the tub. Your bathroom is your private place to do your private business. My question to him is why was the door open? To lower her in, or did he want her to see his old ass around the bubbles. Hell the bubbles probably want to run they ass out of the tub also with all of his old ass body fluid floating around in there. I bet he farted too!! LOL!

  5. arlester jackson on said:

    hi there lets get one thing striaght, that not right if you want to keep that in your family album or aroung your house that not cool. he a BISHOP right, so he really needs to address that to his church because its not family correct.

  6. Mrs. Honesty on said:

    Someone send child and family services to JC’s home please….I am not buying the freedom of expression excuse. It is natural for a child not to want to see their parent or any other person they respect naked! Especially at the age of 4. It is common sense to teach a child to cover themselves in front of the opposite sex and that starts at home. If not given that sense of privacy then any pervert may catch them undressing and take advantage. My 14 year old son gets angry when his 6yr old sister forgets to shut the restroom door. He isn’t shy or embarrassed about his sexuality or hers, he simply does not want to see his little sisters behind! Likewise, he does not want to see mine or his fathers. I am 100% confident in my sexuality and would never consider traipsing into the bathtub with a 4 year old boy. His curiosity would naturally get the best of him.

  7. So who do you all suppose took the photo, some pervert friend I suppose? You people like to think the worst of people. I have bathed my daughter many a times because I had to sometimes, you think she was not naked? Stop thinking the worst all of the time. He should not have posted the PIC I grant you. In fact, I would not have even taken it or saved it. But I don’t regret the time my daughter asked me to bathe her in the tub and her mom was in there because I told her to come in. I wore my swimming trunks and I bathed her, rinsed her off and her mom dried and dressed her and I then finished my shower. Every one is not the evil people you all make them out to be.

    • Leander Williams on said:

      Ram, if that was someone ordinary that took and posted that pic, people would raise their eyebrows, but I am sure there wouldn’t be a forum like this. The reason is that here is a Bishop, obviously one who suffered a lapse in judgement. I say that because this man claims a membership in his church of 8,000. Suppose those members think it’s ok because the Pastor did it. Remember when your mama said if everybody else jump off the bridge you gonna do it to?

      I would not be surprised at all if he is not chastised in some way by the panel of ministers that ordained him bishop, because he certainly is guilty of not upholding the standards of a bishop, as outlined in the bible.

      As ministers, we have to be held to a higher standard, because our job is to guide souls to Christ, and controversies weaken that position. I have known too many ministers [I do not know Bishop Trotter] that have the “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality. There’s a difference is Preaching to people, and preaching at people.

      • Summerstars on said:

        It doesn’t matter what his title is; he’s a man and the child is a 4-years old female, not 4-months old and a boy. I only feel bad for the family, because they probably thought it was nothing and they probably are not into any sick acts, so, they’re sitting around looking stupid after hearing the backlash, but, really?!!! Awwwww man!

  8. Crystal on said:

    I doubt very seriously if the child’s mother took the picture. The baby is naked (because little girls don’t wear “trunks”) and NO GROWN MAN SHOULD BE IN A BATH WITH A LITTLE GIRL! Poor judgement on the “Bishop’s” part and also the person who took the pic and posted it to his Instagram page.

    • I know that’s right! It’s one thing if he was giving her a bath, but to join in is something totally inappropriate and I’m from the old school, that right there was unacceptable back in the day as it is to me now! And even if it was innocent, why in the world would you allow someone to take a picture of it and retarded enough to post on the World Wide Web?

  9. GRLFC… Your point taken, we are not in the cave man days. I don’t RUN around in front of my children naked but if they happen to walk in on me dressing or whichever, I’m not running for the hills in shame and neither are they. I have 2 very well rounded children who carry 4.8 and 4.2 gpa’s respectively and have a healthy sense of right & wrong & sexuality. I think because we have not made nudity, sex, etc such a taboo thing in our home is one of the reasons why I’m not dealing with hot in the ass daughters or whoring sons out there caught up in trying to emulate the sexualization of everything around them from music to television, to even simple commercials now. No matter the topic it’s all about balance, whether it is religion, politics, etc… In this case, somebody took that picture AND posted it so I have to assume with everything in me that although it was in bad taste and judgment (mostly due to his position and the deity status black folks give preachers), that I am inclined to give the benefit of the doubt that he was not nude. The logical person in me just has to conclude that.. BUT since we can’t know, we are all left to our assumptions…. carry on.

    • KC Spice on said:

      I am so sorry for the people who aren’t comfortable with nudity in their own home! I agree that most children grow up with nudity and sexuality as a taboo, therefore they go out and explore on their own. I grew up seeing my parents in little to NO clothes on. I raise my son to understand, nudity at HOME is where it belongs, not out in the STREET or at the neighbor’s house, not at school but at HOME!

      I would like to see the stats for the number of teenage pregnancies that occur that grew up in homes where sex and nudity was a taboo… I’m just wondering :0

      • I had a friend who grew up in a house where sex and nudity were definitely NOT taboo. I was always embarassed to go to his house, because his mother and father were always running around in little or no clothing. Now, he has multilple children whith multiple women and will screw anything with a hole in it. Oh, did I mention he still walks around his multiple children with his wanker sticking out of his shorts? He also doesn’t see anything wrong with walking around anyone else’s children in various sgtages of undress. Now, I don’t know about statistics, but just being around this one free spirit was enough to make me keep him far away from me and my children.

      • KC Spice on said:

        Well, there is much to be taught about nudity in the home, one couldn’t hash it out simply on a keyboard. To clarify, when I say around the home, I should have said at home and the family members of the home. I’m not speaking of a free spirit that includes people who have no problem with their nudity and flaunting it around any and everybody but there is a thing called decent and in order. To be naked or show yourself to those that are not members of your family is TOTALLY a different subject from what I’m speaking. I still say, nudity in the home is where is belongs!!! Not shared with the world. smh

      • KC Spice on said:

        And might I add, I totally disagree with him posting this picture. He should have kept this one at the HOUSE. I’m just saying!

  10. I agree posting the picture was in bad taste and judgment. The problem is that people are ASSUMING he is NAKED… You can’t see under all those bubbles so my only point is what is the point of going on for paragraphs based on an ASSUMPTION that he is nude? That’s really the issue because it’s that ASSUMPTION that is driving most of these TYPE of responses… I’m not saying the photo is right, wrong or otherwise.. I just wish people would use more logic and less emotion when trying to make points.. they come across better.

  11. Leander Williams on said:

    @J.C.. You are correct that nude is a natural state. There are places where people with like mindedness can go without being subject to scrutiny or prying eyes. A Bishop and Pastor in a bathtub with a 4 year old girl is not a proper forum. If his family values are such that this is acceptable behaviour, then that photograph should have stayed in the family album, not placed where millions of people would ultimately have access to it.

    I think that public examination comes with the territory when one is a leader.

    I don’t disagree with you, but I just think whether it is an innocent picture or not, publishing it was a lapse in judgement by a man who is the leader of many.

    • To williams,, I glad you believe in being nude there is nothing, wrong with it, we came in the world
      nude, but when we where kids are parents took pictures of us in the bath tub, naked, but they kept
      them in the family photo, so they could remise over how when we where babies,, but this picture
      should not have been taken,specially by him being a leader of a church,, people say its nothing wrong with it,, but if you recall the MOVIE PRECIOUS,, her mother was angry and abusive towards her because she slept with her man,,,, DID YOU GET THAT? and had children by him,, now I was raised old school,, I’m 49 yrs old now,, and I see so many children being abused, and sexually assaulted because they cannot fight back,, I worked, at children’s hospital for many years,, and this just goes to show you, that there is a lack in judgement, and it was very irresponsible for the mother to think that this would be OK,,, or to even post this picture. please everyone must understand this is a different day, and laws have changed, and our justice system has changed,, they tell us we cannot abuse our children, or whip them ,,, then when someone is found sexually assaulting a child whether
      its a boy/ girl woman. or a baby,,, they don’t give them stiffer laws, on there sentences,, they give them probation, or they locked them up for a few years, this is why we have mothers and fathers,
      killing there children and making it look like they disapeared ,,, and this old azz man is in the tub with his 4yr old grandchild smiling, see we don’t know what is going on behind those close doors,,, it could be something wrong with the mother, maybe her mother took pictures of her in the tub with her , father, we don’t know,, but one thing I , Do know,, this was discussing, and very immature on the mother’s part, so we have to ask ourselves, what kind of parenting is going on here.
      GOD BLESS YOU stay encouraged stay wise and keep you eyes open, ;and when you go outside
      always look up,,

      • Crystal on said:

        I doubt if the mother was there and took the pic. He probably said she was present to make himself seem more innocent of his perversions!

    • We are not back in the cave man days of having to run around naked in front of children who are totally aware of what they are seeing. What the hell would a grown man be doing walking around in front of his teenage daughter, or visa versa. That is just nasty and disrepectful. What children learn at home is what they take with them when they leave the home. Damn, have some respect and teach some.

  12. Kaycee on said:

    I’m sorry…but a naked old man in the bathtub with a 4 year old girl…is just WRONG on multiple levels… There’s no excusing this. He deserves to be investigated…

  13. Nude is a NATURAL state, original man didn’t have clothes… the fall of man dictated that we would wear/need clothes. In it’s most basic form, there is nothing wrong with being nude in front of your children or otherwise. My children now 16 & 15 have seen me nude and while I don’t prance around naked in front of them, if they happen to see me nude or vice versa it’s no big deal and no one is running to hide. We have been like this since they were small so they have a healthy understanding of the human body/nudity. Of course I do NOT condone sex against/with children!! I’m just saying we don’t have to sexualize EVERYTHING!!!

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