The Tom Joyner Morning Show crew talks exclusively with author Sabrina Lamb, one of the main players behind the cancellation of Oxygen’s “All My Babies’ Mamas.”

Lamb created a petition on with hopes of the show being pulled before it officially aired. 37,000 signatures later and tons of pressure from non-profits and civil rights organizations the show was cancelled.

Read the transcript of the interview below:

TOM JOYNER:  Good morning, Sabrina Lamb.

SABRINA LAMB :  Good morning, how are you?

TOM JOYNER:  Alright.


TOM JOYNER:  Alright, you did it.

SABRINA LAMB :  We did it.  It’s a we thing.  It’s a coalition of the Parent Television Council for Porter and Rap Rehab and Industry Ears, Mo Kelly out of Los Angeles, and Butch Slaughter out of Philadelphia, and the support of your listeners and over 37,000 families stood up and said; look, you can, as an adult, act the fool on international television all you want, but you cannot exploit our children.  Enough is enough.

SYBIL WILKES:  And so that was the crux of your protest against the show is the fact that children were being shown on the program and you did not want that part of it.

SABRINA LAMB :  We demanded that that did not occur, correct.  But also we’re concerned about how these children would’ve been embarrassed and had to witness adult dysfunction.  Being told that it was glorified to have, you know, unprotected sex.  They have, you know, all these children all over the place while their parents fight each other for sexual rewards, for financial reward.  And while their mothers, their mothers accept these juvenile nicknames, that was not okay.  Again, and people would say; well, what if they …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  If they had changed the show would you have kept it on?  If they changed it to your specifications, is there no way the show could’ve gone on?  Or just off all together?

SABRINA LAMB :  The only – first of all, I’m not so craving in people in images that look like me.  I’m concerned that we continue not to have equity in terms of, you know, the green light’s hour/

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  What way would you want the show on?

SABRINA LAMB :  I would not want that show on.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Because when you take a show off like that, but when you take a show off like that, a lot of people who are set to work on that show, they lose their jobs.  They don’t have jobs, they …

SABRINA LAMB :  Yeah, but none …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Let me finish.  I let you talk.

SABRINA LAMB :  I’m very sorry, go ahead.  Go ahead.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  They lose their jobs.  So is there no way to keep the show on?  Maybe you don’t show the kids, you just show the moms, and show them in a different light.  Did you offer the producer of the show that?


J. ANTHONY BROWN:  So that you could keep the show on?

SABRINA LAMB :  No, because first of all the term, ‘baby’s mamma’ is a slur.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Okay, we change the name.

SABRINA LAMB :  They’re not gonna change the name, because we’ve had conversations, you know, high level conversations with the executives at Oxygen Media.  They were determined to use that slur.  It’s a slander against mothers, against fathers, and they wanted their children to sit there and witness that.  It’s not, it wasn’t funny to us.

TOM JOYNER:  So Sabrina Lamb, you have, congratulations, you did it, you got the show off the air before it even went on.  Now, what’s the next show you’re going to go after?

SABRINA LAMB :  Well, the next show, the next thing that we do we don’t reveal in public before we do it.  It’s almost like hours before we do it.  So we’re …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  So why don’t you all use …

SYBIL WILKES:  Wait, wait, wait, let her, let her …

TOM JOYNER:  Hold, hold it playa, let her talk.

SABRINA LAMB :  But what we’re interested in is African Americans having the power to green light positive images of us.  And we don’t.  We still don’t in the year 2013.  And I think that we should have that.

SYBIL WILKES:  Were there any African Americans associated in the production of this show?

SABRINA LAMB :  Absolutely not.  Absolutely not.  And I think that that is what we should be concerned about.  And as Jay Anthony Brown says, you know, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs.  Well, yeah.  They would.  But do our children have to be exploited and embarrassed and humiliated as the Senior VP at Oxygen was planning for them to experience?

TOM JOYNER:  Okay, stay tuned.


SYBIL WILKES:  And so when we will know about your next petition effort?

SABRINA LAMB :  Well, all of us work in nonprofits.  We work with children.  We will make the announcement hours before it happens.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You’re not messing with Honey Boo Boo, right?  You okay with that, right?  You gonna leave that alone, right?

SABRINA LAMB :  I’ve never seen Honey Boo Boo.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Good.  Good.

SABRINA LAMB :  I suggest you all go after Honey Boo Boo.  We can’t …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

TOM JOYNER: Alright, Sabrina Lamb.

SYBIL WILKES:  Congratulations.

TOM JOYNER:  Congratulations on your victory.

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12 thoughts on “Sabrina Lamb: ‘You Cannot Exploit Our Children Enough is Enough’

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  8. Serpentine on said:

    I’m glad the show was canceled. It was an embarrassment, and for this guy to stand there and appear to be proud of making all those kids is beyond my understanding. And the women…OMG! I’m trying to figure out the motive as to why so many of these women felt it necessary to be in a running contest to have a baby by this man. As for the staff not getting paid…damn the staff.

    • Angela on said:

      I’m glad it was cancelled too. There were no minorities affected by the loss of this series due minorities were not in any decision making post on this series. Moreover, stating that he is not selling dope, stealing, or killing is a cop-out to being a responsible person. The Black Family is suffering today. In many, many generations gone by our people knew the value in having stable homes. That children are more well-adjusted to the circumstances of life with the example of parents in the home. My father died when I was young so believe me I also know the value of a Strong single mother and where that can take you. But the MESSAGE that more and more young people have today does not even resemble either of those examples. That is why this show should not be on the air. If he is hurting for money to support his kids then work his job as an artist or get a job to work his butt off to support them. That is the image his children and others should see. Not – if I get this next hit single and make fat money then I can buy some ridiculous ‘stuff’ on the show for people to see I’m doing for my kids. Every one can’t be a football/basketball star, Rapper/Singer, or whatever fast money deed.
      We need to see what the majority of our communities are doing now – working jobs, bringing home those checks, and dealing with family situations with your family. We gossip enough about people to live like this in our communities. The problem is we don’t need to see it on TV and younger and impressionable minds see this on the “baby sitter device” and believe this to be the norm. Sabrina is not looking for power, she seems to be just someone trying to put her talk into action.
      You remember the Cosby Show, A Different World, and Living Single – they gave us a look at POSTIVE and where hit shows. So why today do we rather see Mess on the tube.

  9. carter on said:

    Ms. Sabrina why would you stop them from getting paid. Those children deserve the chances at life like you. Black people are exploited everyday. I think this was a stunt to get some exposure to make it look like you got some power. Look at those kids in chicago struggling and killing each other and there you are glorifiing a show getting canceled. How about you give them kids some money out of your check.

  10. Supportive Brutha on said:

    Dear Sabrina Lamb:
    Congratulations to you and your comrades for securing a victory in the cancelling of the Shortly Lo Baby Mama show! While I applaud all positive & genuine sisters/brothers in any endeavor they choose, I must admit I’m having a hard time understanding this one.

    From my initial understanding, you and your coalition deemed the “Baby Mama” show as stereotypical and a bad representation of black Americans..? While I can definitely dig that, I feel the same way when I watch shows such as, Bait Car, First 48 and damn near every rap video of the last 10 years!!! Talk about a horrible look for black america.

    I guess my issue at this point is the fact that there is a black male out here with 10+ kids who instead of, selling dope, committing murders and/or stealing cars, but trying to bring light to HIS family and their issues/triumphs…now doesn’t have that platform.

    While I don’t condone the rampant unprotected sex the brother is out here having, I do condone the fact that he was/is stepping up to the plate and tried to get checks for EVERYONE ON THAT SHOW! I’m sure there are lots of decent people in those families, on that staff, and in that crew who could have used that income.

    With that said, once again, I applaud your efforts and tenacious approach in eliminating the perpetual “black stereotypes” from being broadcasted…but MY SISTER, THERE IS A LOT MORE WORK TO DO!
    Truth is…most of the ugly, vicious black stereotypes we see on an everyday basis, comes from outside OUR community.

    Supportive Bruhtha

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