WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says a National Rifle Association video referencing President Barack Obama‘s daughters is “repugnant and cowardly.”

Obama spokesman Jay Carney says most Americans agree that a president’s children should not be used as “pawns in a political fight.” Carney was referring to an online video from the pro-gun lobby. The video calls Obama an “elitist hypocrite” for having armed Secret Service agents protect his daughters at school while not committing to installing armed guards in all schools.

The NRA released the video ahead of Obama’s announcement Wednesday of proposals for curbing the nation’s gun violence. The president is calling on Congress to enact universal background checks and ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines — all measures the NRA opposes.

The gun lobby has instead called for armed guards in schools.

11 thoughts on “NRA Video Targets President Obama’s Daughters (VIDEO)

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  5. Black Santa on said:

    Who cares….. Use your position too protect your girls….. You people’s silence over the derogatory comments on live TV degrading black women…. encourages others to do you any kinda way….. You can’t do shit about it anyways so spare your concerns.

  6. Luvin LA on said:

    All children are special and most americans would give thier lives to protect anyones child. Even a strangers.
    With this said two things need to happen. One – install bullet proof glass at the schools. So the sandy hook can’t be repeated. Two. let the educators that want to carry concealed carry. We intrust them with our childrens minds, therfor we can trust them to be responsible with a gun also. Just work somethin out with the local PD to provide extra training that the teacher can get on their own time. ……
    Now everyone from both sides need to leave the Presidents daughters out of this. Regardless of what side you believe (they are both lieing to you) the President needs to be held with great respect. That includes to all the haters out there that laughed at Bush getting hit with a shoe. Never allow anyone to disrepect our President.
    Yes I do believe in American Exeptionism. We need to be proud of where we live and of the good from our history. And anyone who doesn’t like it needs to find a country that better suites them.

  7. The NRA is shameless. They use the most convoluted logic to attack anyone that doesn’t bow to their demands. There has been secret service protection for family members of the POTUS for over 50 years.

    They are true lunatics.

  8. Sheila Franklin on said:

    Even though I don’t have children I agree that schools should have armed security. How many more children & teachers need to be shot to prove that point?

  9. Lynnette on said:

    This is crazy the President is getting threatened on a daily basis, does anyone think that it stops there. I bet those girls lives are at risk too.They are not ordinary kids. They are a BLACK President’s Children in a racist white world full of wackos’ Enuf said….

  10. This is absurd. ALL of the past president’s children have had Secret Service armed protection, so why should his daughters be treated any different. OUR children don’t need armed protection because they aren’t children of someone whose job might put them at risk. Rest assured that the children of a lot of rich people attend private schools wherein they have security–some of which are armed. My son attends a private school which has their own security force that is armed. People need to stop looking for any and every excuse to attack the President and get over the fact that the bi-racial man won and work with him for the next four years!

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