It’s being reported that former NFLer and now sportscaster, Ahmad Rashad and his wife Sale Johnson, a society matron in Palm Beach (Fla.), are said to be quietly negotiating a divorce settlement before they go public and file later this year.

If you didn’t know, Rashad and Johnson, a former fashion model and heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, have been married since 2005.

Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra is reporting that Rashad & Johnson, who share a $5 million home in the luxurious Bears Club in Jupiter, have been living apart for several months and want to work out some financial differences quietly before filing, according to several sources.

Sale is believed to have received more than $100 million in her split from Johnson in 2002 and is richer than the 63-year-old Rashad, a former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and former host of “The NBA on NBC.” places Rashad, who now works for NBA TV, in the $8 million range.

Reports out of New York City, planted by Sale Johnson’s camp, we’re told, claim that Johnson has grown weary of Rashad’s friendship with soon-to-be Bears Club neighbor and NBA great Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods, who lives in nearby Jupiter Island.

(Photo: EURweb)

11 thoughts on “Ahmad Rashad, Wife Headed for Divorce

  1. A few Black men marry White women for love, but the majority of them think they have arrived and is accepted in the White man World if they marry a White women. Go ask OJ.

  2. I cannot believe he left Phylica for that woman who looks like she use to be a man,, why did he
    leave phylica, that was just terrible, He could a done a little better, I mean seriously, I know times
    are tough but it is plenty of single black women out there, and if married for money he should have stayed by his-self, lawd have mercy on these black men. they really need to seek some kind of therapy, or counseling on how to pick a mate..

  3. Someone please tell me that the woman in the picture with him is his mother. If this is the wife, he must have married her for money.

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  5. He should have stayed with Phylica. Not sure why they divorced. Looks like with this current marriage he went from a Lexus (Phylicia) to a Kia in my opinion. He can’t stayed married for some reason.

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